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Christening Checklist – A Week by Week Plan

Christening checklist - decoration

A Simple Christening Checklist to ensure you have everything ready for you little ones special day.

Are you organizing a christening party for your little one? There’s a lot that goes into planning and throwing a memorable christening party. That’s why it is crucial to have a checklist handy to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The trick is to plan ahead and work your way down the timeline. The christening checklist below is poised to help you plan a special day that your little angel and guests will enjoy.

6 – 8 Weeks Before

  • Venue and Date: have a sit-down as a family, and choose the perfect venue (most notably a church), time, and date for your little one’s christening. You might also want to keep in mind important guest when deciding on the date.
  • Decide on who should be your child’s guide parents, godparent or special friends. Speak with them before choosing the date.
  • Celebrant: approach your local church’s vicar, priest, pastor, etc. The last thing you want is to book christening when the church isn’t available.
  • Christening Party: if you are going to hold a christening after-party for your child, be sure to find and book the venue as early as 8 months before the big day.
  • Hire caterers and photographers, if your budget allows for them.
Christening checklist - everything you need to remember

4 – 6 Weeks Before

  • Guest List: draft the guest list, design the invitation, and send them out with RSVP info
  • Christening Cake: no christening party is fun without a cake. Order this early to avoid last-minute mishaps.
  • Menu: work with the caterers to come up with a menu that takes care of every guest’s dietary restrictions.
  • Christening Gown: start shopping early to find the picture-perfect outfit for your little one.
Christening checklist

2 – 4 Weeks Before

  • Go through the RSVPs, finalize the guest list, and pass on the final figure to the caterers
  • Check with the vicar, priest or past for final arrangements, as well as retouch base with godparents, photographers, and other party suppliers.
  • Travel Plans: make sure that you know how you will get to the venue, and confirm your itinerary with other stakeholders (celebrant, caterers, etc).
Christening checklist - Baptism

One Week Before

  • Make sure that your outfit is spick and span
  • Ensure that your child’s christening outfit, gown or dress has arrived and that it fits comfortably.
  • See to it that all required paperwork and docs for the christening are in order
  • Have your family camera handy, fully charged, and ready for the big day
  • Pick the christening cake and keep it safe (refrigerated)
  • If you are catering the christening party yourself, make sure that you have all the foods and drinks taken care of.
  • Confirm once again the menu, date, and times with the caterers.
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Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

Baby Hospital Bag Checklist UK

You can’t wait to welcome your little bundle of joy to your wonderful world. But are you set for the labour and birth? Whether you’re planning to have your baby in a hospital, at home or at a midwifery facility, it is crucial to pack all the essentials for the big day in a proper baby bag.

Side tip: It’s recommended that you have the baby hospital bag packed at least 2 weeks prior to your due date. Also, check with your midwife on what you’re permitted to bring if you are planning to deliver in a hospital or at a midwifery unit.

What to Pack for Yourself?

  • Your birth plan and hospital/maternity notes
  • Comfy dressing gown: You never know how your labour will go. So, pack a dressing gown that’s not only lightweight and comfortable but also soft and loose enough to allow you to move around and not get too hot. When it comes to the colour, go for dark shades or a patterned gown that can conceal any stain.
  • At least three (3) changes of clothes: an old T-shirt or loose nightdress will do just fine
  • A few pairs of socks
  • Comfortable slippers, preferably slip-on, backless ones
  • Breast pads, a breastfeeding bra plus at least 2 other supportive bras
  • 1 or 2 packets of heavy-flow feminine or maternity pads
  • At least six (6) pairs of disposable knickers, underwear
  • Lip balm: your lips can get too dry and chapped during labour. Have a couple of quality lip balms handy.
  • Sponge and spray bottle: They’ll help cool you down
  • Extra pillows
  • Favourite Music, Book or Magazine
  • A camera (or camera phone)
  • Healthy treats and drinks

What to Pack for Your Birth Partner (if you have one)?

  • Change of clothes – labour can last longer than you anticipated. It shouldn’t be something fancy because birth and labour can get messy.
  • Drinks and snacks – to stay alert and hydrated while being a supportive partner
  • Comfortable shoes, preferably flat shoes
  • Handheld fan to cool down the mom-to-be
  • Travel charger and camera phone
  • Entertainment – books, music, mags, and so on

What to Pack for the Baby?

  • Baby booties, hat, mittens, and socks
  • Newborn baby wipes
  • Muslin squares
  • A pram suit
  • Going-home outfit for the baby
  • 30-40 nappies for newborns
  • A baby blanket or shawl
  • Appropriate car seat

There you’ve it – a complete baby hospital go-bag checklist. You can utilise any type of bag, from a small suitcase to rucksack.


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Tips on How to Celebrate Christmas While on a Budget

Christmas budget

Christmas Budget Ideas

Everyone loves the holidays but if you don’t have the fortune to spend on festivities, it is normal to dread the approaching Christmas holidays. This is because between all the gifts, decorations, travel, food and parties, the festivities can result in financial stresses especially when you need to stretch your coin to cover the expenses of the New Year. That does not mean however that you prevent yourself from enjoying the Christmas holidays, as you can celebrate Christmas on a budget without worrying about draining your bank accounts. Here are a few tips to help you save your coin.

Create a Realistic Gift Budget

Who said you have to exclude yourself from giving gifts to your loved ones? Have a spending limit for your adult family and friends and if you have kids, allocate most of the gifting budget to them as Christmas is really about kids. You can cut on the gift spending down even further by shopping earlier, taking advantage of vouchers and discounts. Also, you can put in some time to make your own gifts for your relatives and people. By designing your own personalised gifts you can cut down on cost and give your loved ones extra-thoughtful gifts rather than the run-of-the-mill obvious gifts. After all it is the thought that counts isn’t it?

Cut the Costs of Decorating and Sending Cards

Christmas involves sending cards to the people you like and in today’s digital era, you can bring down postage costs by sending free online e-cards. You can create your own cards and design a thoughtful personalised message that you can create yourself. Designing your own personalised prints make for a great pastime and make beautiful quirky decorations and can also be a great way to spend time with your children and connect with them. Save money by designing and printing your own personalised prints and stationary at The Oh So Studio.


Plan Your Meals and Drinks Thriftily

Plan your parties and meals but avoid over-buying as you might find yourself getting rid of the remains. Buy only what you need and create a budget for your parties and stick to it even as you shop to avoid costs from spiralling. While the Christmas holidays provide an excuse to indulge you can save in the food department by prepping your meals in the weekends as this will help you resist to keep on dining out. During the holidays, menu prices and the prices of some types of food, decorations and gifts will be marked up hence to celebrate your holiday on a budget, you need to take advantage of the money-saving benefit that early shopping, budgeting, making your own gifts, cards and decorations, and smart planning.

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Christmas Day Checklist

With winter knocking on the door and Halloween out of the way, Christmas seems to be the next big day to be excited about. So get those fairy lights out and wait for it to be socially acceptable to start watching Christmas movies. While you’re waiting, you can stock up on all the Christmas essentials you could possibly need, and yes, there is a checklist.

8 weeks to go:

Yes, it might not be socially acceptable to start preparing this early but this head-start will save a lot of unwanted stress later. Besides, no one has to know.
Make a rough list of gifts.
Make a rough list of food ingredients.
Decide the venue among your family.
Buy plane/ train tickets, if applicable.

7 weeks to go:

Now you can start with the actual preparation. Start shopping now to beat the crowds and get all the good stuff before it goes out of stock. If you have to order something online, you want to give it plenty of time to arrive.
Start buying/ ordering gifts.
Buy wrapping paper.
Buy Christmas cards.
Make arrangements for the guests you are hosting, if any.
Start baking items that can be stored in the refrigerator.

5 to 6 weeks to go

Now is the time to mentally start preparing for Christmas. Play Christmas- movies in the background as you proceed with the chores to get you in the mood.
Make a budget now that pretty much everything is finalized.
Try to finish shopping for gifts, now that Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday deals are out in the open. Yes, you might get pushed or trampled but isn’t it worth it?
Start writing Christmas cards.
Start wrapping presents, to prevent untimely panic later.

4 weeks to go:

Now you can strengthen the spirit even more by playing Christmas songs in the background and finalize and schedule everything leading up to Christmas day. Yes, even the wine you will be serving your guests or taking to your grandmother’s place.
Dig out old Christmas decorations and check to see if they are still working.
Decide your theme ( traditional/ colour coded)
Buy new decorations, if needed.
If hosting guests dig out plates, glasses, dishes, platters, etc. Buy more if needed.
Schedule baking date.
Address Christmas cards.

3 weeks to go:

Yes, NOW you can buy a Christmas tree before all the good ones are taken and you are left with all the leftover dried up ones.
Buy a Christmas tree.
Decorate the house.
Make a detailed grocery list and research where you can get the best deals.
Order the meat for your main dish. (turkey/ ham)
Mail any leftover cards. People don’t mind getting them a few days after Christmas.
Finalise the menu.

2 weeks to go:

Try to wrap up everything (literally and figuratively), to avoid stress in the final week.
Stock up on non-perishables; canned food and drinks.
Mail gifts to faraway relatives/ friends.
Fill your gas bottles if you are planning to have a barbeque.
Choose your outfit for the big day.

3 to 7 days to go:

Now is the time to relax a little, if you have been religiously following this checklist so far. This is the calm before the storm.
Clean out fridge.
Clean the whole house.
Sweep pine needles from below your beloved Christmas tree.
Send any last post.
Stock up on Christmas movies, songs and snacks. (Don’t forget crackers!)

2 days to go:

Brace yourself because this day will be a long and tiring one. Hopefully only physically, if you have everything planned down to the last minute. So running around the whole day shopping should not be a problem if you have a list which contains everything from cranberry sauce to vegetable oil.
Shop for food ingredients.
Shop for fresh flowers.
Finish last minute wrapping.

1 day to go:

This day will be spent at home mostly preparing food and relaxing.
Cook and bake everything. Do not leave anything for the next day unless you absolutely have to.
Stick labels on the food platters as this will make it much easier the next day and other people can also help you.
Recharge video cameras/ batteries.
Set the table.
Relax with your family.
Have a good night’s rest.

Merry Christmas!

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5 Thrifty gift ideas to make your partner feel extra special

Gifts on a budget

Do you want to buy your partner something extraordinary but you are on a budget?

You may be feeling tremendous pressure because your anniversary is approaching or their birthday is coming up and you don’t have spare cash on you to buy them a present.

Or you may be worried because you feel if you give them a cheaper gift they may not be happy with it, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint them.

Well, if that’s your case, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have got you covered.

Bonus tip

Let you in on a secret. It doesn’t matter if you give them a thousand dollar champagne or $300 watch, if the gift isn’t well thought; it may fail to make the mark and your significant other or may end up making them feeling disappointed.
Your gift should be one that is able to reflect your love. It should show that you care and pay attention to them. And fortunately, to show your love and to prove that you cherish them you don’t need to have a big bank balance. You can do that quite easily because we have collected ideas for thrifty romantic gifts that are on a budget and will definitely impress your partner and make them feel special.

Janolia Heart Shape Chocolate Mould

Chocolate Hearts

If your partner is health conscious you can make your own healthy chocolate at home for them. The great thing about this particular recipe is that it’s so easy that even if you are a total disaster in the kitchen you’ll somehow manage to whip up these little delicious treats.

You will earn Brownie points with your partner for doing something for them that is totally out of your comfort zone.
This recipe is only three ingredients and it only takes ten minutes tops to make these dainty hearts.

Simply combine a cup of melted coconut oil with a cup of coco powder. Mix them together and then add about two tablespoons of maple syrup and a dash of vanilla. Spoon the mixture into Heart shaped moulds and then refrigerates for at least an hour.
Note: maple syrup quantity can be adjusted according to your taste.
If you don’t have heart shaped moulds you could use other shapes or just cut the chocolate in blocks once the mixture is set.

Here is another easy and delicious recipe from The Girl on Bloor.

Scrub duo

This is perfect for your partner if heshe is skincare junkie. Even better if they are into natural and toxin free beauty products.

This scrub duo includes a lip scrub and a body scrub. The lip scrub is a personal favorite if mine because it frees your lips of the dead skin while adding a flush of color.

For the lip scrub, add two table spoons of caster sugar, half a tablespoon of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of Vaseline and a dash of red food color. Mix all the ingredients well together with a small spoon or stick and empty the mixture into a small jar.

For the body scrub use five tablespoons of ground coffee beans and just enough honey so you can get the consistency of the scrub you require. Add a few drops of your partner’s essential oils and your body scrub is ready.

Argon Preserving Glass Storage Jars – 500ml – Pack of 6

Love coupons

Making your partner love coupons is a unique idea. To make your own live coupons cut chart paper into medium sized hearts with each heart identical in measurement. You can cut as many hearts as you require for your coupons. Punch two holes on the side of the heart and tie them with a cute ribbon. On each heart write something that your partner can redeem when they want to. A few examples are ‘Breakfast in Bed ‘ , ‘No chores for 12 hours’ and ‘foot massage’.
Don’t be shy to get creative with the coupons and you will be bound to make a bunch of good memories.

Tiny Love Cards

Create a mix tape

While mix tapes go back to the 90’s and were the greatest thing you could ever receive for a gift, but these things have gone out of trend and long forgotten. But in my opinion, nothing is a better gift than a mix tape because this is a kind of gift if made thoughtfully can speak volumes about what the partner feels about you. You can express your feelings through this and indirectly say the sappiest things that you would never dream to say in real life.

Plan a spa night

Everybody loves to be pampered to get away from the daily stressors of life and you simply can’t go wrong with this fool proof idea.
To create your room into a spa you will need to dim the lightning and set up candles, preferably scented. The candles will create a warm lovely glow in the room which will get your partner relaxed. You could also play soft music in the background.

Give your partner a full body massage with warmed coconut oil which is added with a few drops of lavender oil. This will provide a soothing feeling. Finish the ritual with a DIY face mask.
This idea will guaranteed make your partners limbs loose like jelly and you may just get a request for a repeat performance.

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Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Once you’ve got that engagement done and dusted, it’s time to move on to the more important things in life- The Wedding of course! And pulling off your fairytale wedding not only requires a hefty budget and plenty of time, but a checklist of things to do too.

Whether it’s your wedding attire, accessories, décor or venue, the list of things to cover is endless. And if you ask us, it’s the wedding invites that are your first impression to your family and friends regarding how you imagine the biggest day of your life to be. So what does that mean?

Gone are the days when little thought and effort were put into invites. Today, couples are going all out and about towards creating an invitation that surpasses all of the audience’s expectations. After all, most people get married once in their lifetime and nailing this aspect is so essential.

At, the ultimate aim is to revolutionize the way wedding invitations get created in the first place. And by that we mean giving couples plenty of heartwarming and innovative ideas regarding a seamless range of wedding invite template options that users can customize, download and then print for free.

The range of styles and designs to choose from are unlimited. Whether it’s shabby chic with the perfect hint of vintage flair to modern day sexy and sleek, here are our top picks for wedding invitation trends that are sure to make you fall in love all over again. Let’s take a look!

The watercolor effect for days
A subtle softness that can only be created with this effect, watercolor is sublime perfection at its best. And the best thing about it has to revolve around the fact that gives the user plenty of hues to play with, not just that classic neutral palette. We’re talking reds, blues and oranges, merged sensationally with greens, blues and purples for effects that steal your breath away. The softness of the lines, while creating floral or simply borders are a sure shot wedding experiment worth indulging upon wholeheartedly.
Acrylic suave at its best
Acrylic is a fantastic effect that can now be recreated via print at Whether you choose to go the modern way of doing things or prefer sticking to classic designs, there’s surely something in there for everyone to enjoy. The element of uniqueness that acrylic adds works wonders at turning a simple, graceful invite into a stellar conversational piece. We believe in being different while you can and allow guests to cherish the innovative decisions that you make.

Big, bold and beautiful
While many of us simply adore the smaller things in life, can truly alter the way you witness wedding invites with these big, bold and beautiful invitations. Moody romance at its finest can be achieved via big and bold designs that are easy on the eyes. We’re talking things along the lines of dark hued backgrounds, amalgamated sensationally with striking patterns. It’s undoubtedly a daring move but a style or a design that will do more than create the right kind of impression.

Blind letterpresses are a sheer delight
Blind letterpresses with no ink being used are great at working to establish printing effect that’s striking and unique, even when there’s an absence of ink. And that’s exactly what adds that element of innovation that’s rarely found in today’s time. Whether you wish to achieve the dent like appeal with your main card’s text, the initials on your envelope, a graphic design or simply the intricate border throughout the card, the options to choose from are unlimited.

Seamlessly sexy calligraphy
Gone are the days when the perfect calligraphy effect could only be achieved via handwriting. Today, is reigniting the seamlessly sexy calligraphy appeal by making use of none other than print. And that’s the sheer beauty of it all. Today, we give you the opportunity to choose from countless font styles and designs that make them appear as if it was all done by hand. This method is not only faster, saving up time on card printing; it’s also done flawlessly each and every time. Did we mention the immense cut down on costs too?

The minimalistic design approach never seems to get out of style
Clean, chic and a subtle display of modernism, give wedding guests a treat with these oh so stunning DIY wedding invites template designs. We’re talking a crisp white background with clean patterns replicated differently across the board. Great examples include swirls, vine leaves, directional lines and beautiful wreaths that are arranged magnificently. Remember it’s these little touches that can go long ways towards improving the overall effect in aesthetics. And for those that might find this a little boring, you can always spice things up a bit with your own creative flair using our customization offer.

A little grungy metallic never hurt anybody
A raging upcoming trend revolves around going outside the box with your creativity and wedding invites are no exception. Shimmer, sparkle and shine every step of the way with wedding invitation that make use of metallic hues. Gold, copper, silver or bronze, choose your color carefully and allow the magic to take place itself. You’ll be amazed at how dressed up your invite appears with metallic shades. Above all, it’s the ultimate way of indirectly telling guests to appear glamorously fashionable for your event as this wedding is surely going to be a night to remember.

Luscious greenery for days
With botanical greens and organic décor wedding trends on the rise for the years 2018 and 2019 too, it’s no surprise many couples would want to blend their wedding invitations with their theme. How about a hint of geometric floral touches, paired sensationally with luscious greens in the form of leaves of vines? It’s the perfect way to nail that bohemian chic outlook that seems to be a favorite for all across the board. Remember, the graphical boldness seen in the geometric designs can be balanced immaculately with the subtle softness that comes alongside botanical blooms.

A hint of embellishments to make anyone’s day
Going the extra mile is probably the hottest trend of the year and that’s why we at are making sure to incorporate that aspect into our trending wedding invitations template designs. Whether it’s your personal touch, personality trait, the perfect play on texture or simply the adornment of layers in your card, the options to play with are truly countless. It’s up to you when it comes to what you wish to showcase to your guests and what you wish to disguise.

Destination love themed landscape invites are what dreams are made of
The greatest source of inspiration for destination wedding themed invitations has got to be none other than these dreamy landscape templates. They say a picture speaks a thousand words so why not allow guests to cherish your new beginning in ultimate style with wedding invitations for days. Whether you choose to incorporate your favorite city’s skyline or a piece of architectural significance that means most to you as a couple, the choices are unlimited. And if that’s not enough, how about incorporating bespoke landscapes that are a significant part of your wedding venue or play a role in your cultural significance? This all works magically, especially those couples planning their wedding as one in another destination.

Go mad for monograms
Another upcoming trend to look out for this wedding season has got to be that monogram appeal. Statement monograms are raging in full swing and we can totally relate as to why. From the royals to the world of celebrities, monograms are a classic way of adding your personalized touch, while managing to achieve that simplistic and chic outlook every step of the way.

Map your thoughts out
Now that’s what we at call innovation. Wedding invitations shaped out to appear as a map are the perfect way to tell guests that you’re going the extra mile to achieve creativity at its finest. Another great design for destination weddings, the map themed invite can make the most out of your location in full swing. Choose your pick from ones that appear as if they’ve been created by hand or make use of standard survey style map designs. Whatever the choice may be, we’ll ensure you that guests will be swooning over the invite for days.

Reach for the stars with these stunning celestial wedding invites
The sky is truly not the limit for us at and these celestial themed DIY wedding invitations are just the proof of that notion. Created intricately using a cosmic touch, the use of constellations, stars and moons are sheer innovation beyond belief.

The marbled effect is pure love
Customize your marble effect themed DIY wedding invitations in your personal styles with funky fonts, gorgeous patterns or simply leave the marbled effect to create a powerful punch of its own. It’s luxurious, chic and oh so elegant if you ask us at After all, we all deserve a little bit of extravagance in our lives and when it’s coming at a fraction of the real cost, there’s no complaining from anyone’s side.

Select any of these trendy styles and make your own wedding invitations at the Oh So Studio.

Cover image: Freepik

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The Most Popular Party Games for Kids

Are planning to host a birthday party or an event and not confident of how you will keep the kids busy and occupied? Don’t worry. Various games will keep your kids hopping, running, jumping and laughing. The following are the best party games that are easy and simple to ensure the kids have a great experience at the party.

Sack Race

The sack race is a traditional party game that has been around for an extended period. Besides, the kids will have the opportunity of learning development skills. In addition to that, the game can be played by kids of all ages and stages.

Sports Day Set – Sack Race – Full Game Package, Egg Race, Includes Running Bag, Egg and Spoon, 3 Paws Race, Bean Bag Race, Toss Bean Toss – London Jaques

Escape the Monster

It is among the best party games for kids that incorporates both the parents and the kids. Kids love when their parents play monsters that are after them. For this game, you will need ample space for the kids to create a circle and even run. 10-16 kids can play the game at the same time.

1 x Pack of 6 Monster/Alien EVA Foam Masks – assorted designs

Fox and Geese

It is a type of game that can be played anywhere even on large open areas. For the kids to play the game, place some spray paint on the grass and the game is set to be performed. Gather a bunch of kids to play the game together.

Find your partner

This game is ideal for pairing up kids at the beginning of a party and offering an opportunity for interaction, by breaking the ice especially when they are strangers to each other.

Name Game

The name game is among the ideal party games for kids and similar to the favorite game known as the Twenty Questions. For this game, you will require a pen and post-in. To do this, draft down the name of a celebrity or influential individual on the post-in. Get the kids to sit in a group and create teams if you desire.
Stick the post-in on the forehead of one kid and make sure the other kids don’t see what is written on it. Let the kid with the post-in ask various questions to the team to ascertain what is written on the forehead. The game is perfect when played during picnics and birthday parties.

Treasure Hunt

This party games for kids capture the level of imagination for the kids from preschool and above. Before making them read, you can choose to use picture clues. Once they are in a position to understand, you may color code clues so that every kid gets an opportunity to become a ‘reader.’ The kids can also work as a team and identify the treasure and ultimately get rewarded for their efforts.

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How to Entertain the Kids at a Wedding

kids wedding activities

Most families fail to attend weddings because they cannot bring their kids along as well. When the kids are in attendance, parents have the toughest times keeping them entertained. Wedding ceremonies can be difficult for children keeping in mind the festive atmosphere and the long hours. Kids also want to move, shake and be part of the beautiful celebration. At the same time, they are supposed to sit quietly and get occupied for long hours. It is crucial when planning your wedding to come up with brilliant ideas for the kids who will be in attendance. Besides, keeping the kids entertained enables both the parents and guests to have a great time as well. The following are the ways to keep kids entertained during your wedding.

Create a colouring station

Offer Colouring and Writing Tools Kids love to draw and colour right? Set a particular room or station and provide a tabletop entertainment full of cups of crayons and white butcher paper. The kids will be occupied with the fun of drawing and colouring; they will forget that they are at an event. It is the most significant kids wedding activity pack that you cannot miss to provide. You could even buy or make your own cute Wedding Activity book like these one’s by Ginger Ray.

kids wedding activities

Ginger Ray Kids Wedding Entertainment Activity Books X 5 Pack – Vintage Affair

Ginger Ray Childrens Wedding Activity Placemat Pack and Colouring Kit – 8 Pack – Rustic Country

Movie Theatre

Show a Movie Kids tend to concentrate more on a film. They quickly get absorbed into almost any film you show. Playing a video in a different room or outside in the summer can help kids to be occupied and thoroughly entertained for many hours. Besides, you can fill the room with other goodies like comfy chairs, popcorn, tepee tents and drinks. Play their kids’ movie, and your youthful guests will surely be entertained.

kids wedding activities

Lavievert Teepee Children Indian Playhouse Cotton Canvas Kids Play Tent for Indoor or Outdoor Play (white)

Kid Friendly Music

Prepare Kid-Friendly Music Kids should not be left out when it comes to music, because they will also love to dance and move their tiny hips. You should prepare a child-friendly music playlist so that they can dance to Frozen and other disco classics. You could also provide them with blow up guitars and microphones. Wedding Photo Booth Set up an area for a photo booth and include lots of props for them to play dress up. Not only will the kids love to strike a pose I’m sure many of the adults will get involved too.

kids wedding activities

Ginger Ray Photo Booth Wedding Rose Gold Mr & Mrs/Party Props Kit – Beautiful Botanics

Photo Booth

Offer Them Cameras Consider offering them disposable cameras to use at the reception and collect them at the end of the ceremony and have them developed. They will love to take photographs of the wedding event. It is considering that a kid’s perspective is the most significant and highly appreciated by everyone. You can use their perception as one of the best ways to put your wedding on record. Garden Games If you’re getting married in the summer you could hire or buy your own outdoor lawn games to keep the little ones entertained.

kids wedding activities

Jaques of London Garden Tumble Tower – Builds Over 3ft Tall During Indoor or Outdoor Play

Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional Most parents prefer to hire the services of a babysitter to keep an eye on the toddlers and infants so that no one gets hurt or place their fingers in the cake. Besides, you can choose to hire entertainments like artists, face painters, magicians, and clowns who are professionals in entertaining the kids.

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Personalised New Baby Gifts New Parents Will Love

Personalised New Baby Gifts 


Looking for the perfect gift to give your best friend for her new baby? Or perhaps you’re trying to design your own nursery without going mad? Relax! This should be fun! But if you’re having trouble trying to find just the right things for your baby’s nursery or that of someone you love, we have some suggestions that will take all the guesswork out of finding a great personalised baby gift they’ll treasure, even long after baby has grown up.


Many things are obvious for a nursery such as a crib, a changing station for baby, and some type of chair for you to sit in to nurse your baby and rock her back to sleep. But there are other things your nursery needs for that perfect touch!



Quilts and receiving blankets are a common gift but they’re useful too. A beautiful design made from a soft, plush fabric will feel soft on baby’s skin. It can be used to swaddle the baby or even draped across your rocker for a cosy touch in the nursery.



While pillows should never ever be inside the crib with a baby, one of the best personalised new baby gifts is an embroidered pillow with the initial of your baby’s name. It looks stunning tucked into your armchair where you’ll spend many nights holding that little one snug in your arms. Once she’s bigger, she’ll love arranging it on her bed alongside her favourite stuffed animals. It’s a classic gift with staying power.


Teddy Bears

No nursery would ever be complete without at least one snuggly teddy bear in it. Again, it shouldn’t ever be in the crib, but it looks sweet up on the shelves and he’ll love to snuggle it when he’s bigger. Teddy bears come in all colours, designs, and sizes so you can match your nursery theme perfectly with one.


Night Light/Sound Machine

One thing that most new parents overlook is a night light/sound machine combination. A gentle light is soothing for baby plus it keeps you from tripping over something in the dead of night, resulting in waking the baby. A sound machine that plays white noise will keep baby soothed and sleeping longer. Most new parents don’t realise that silence is upsetting for new babies. If you’re giving a new mum a baby gift, this is a brilliant choice.



A hanging mobile over baby’s crib is a classic nursery item. It doesn’t just look pretty, but it also serves to stimulate your baby through colours and shapes. Finding one that matches the theme of the nursery will add a lovely touch to your nursery décor.


Wooden Toys

It’s true that the baby won’t be playing with it anytime soon, but a wooden toy is a wonderful accent for any baby nursery. Wooden toys are safer than plastic ones too and they have more staying power. That wooden toy will last and last throughout his childhood and into his adult years when he can give it to his own child.


Storage Items

Perhaps it’s not the most exciting item on the list, but what most new parents neglect to think of when they’re putting together a nursery for their baby is where they’re going to store everything. They design these glorious rooms and then when the baby comes they realize they’ve nowhere to put any of the essentials. As bookcases can be dangerous if toppled once baby starts pulling himself up and trying to walk, a smart option is something that can be hung on the wall where Mum and Dad can reach it without worrying about the wee one.



Particularly if you have a hardwood floor, a rug adds a touch of warmth and comfort to a baby nursery. It can also add a pop of colour to a carpeted floor. But regardless of flooring style, a rug can be a great place for tummy time and add more cushioning for things like activity centres.


Activity Centres

Speaking of activity centres, these are a delight for any baby. They’re soft with fun textures and baby-safe toys that your baby will want to touch and explore. Babies start learning right away and giving them things to stimulate their minds even as infants is a great way to give them a head start.


Personalised Prints

And finally, there’s something to be said about getting personal when it comes to new baby gifts. Personalised new baby gifts that you design yourself are the best choice of all. The Oh So Studio makes it easy to do without ever setting foot in a shop. You can choose the design you want from hundreds of gorgeous styles. Then customize it with your baby’s name or initials, download it for free and print it. You can find a chic frame and make it your own. No need to be an artist either. The Oh So Studio takes all the tough work out of that. The most difficult part is choosing which of the beautiful designs you like best.


If you’ve just discovered you’re expecting, you can print designs from The Oh So Studio for your baby shower invitations, thank-you cards, stationary, christening announcements, games, and more and keep it all with the same beautiful theme that you’ve personally selected and customized. How’s that for a personalised new baby gift? With all these ideas, you’re bound to find the right one that makes any new parent pleased as punch, including you!

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5 ways to decorate on a budget

decorate on a budget

Decorate on a budget – 5 Tips on how to make it look elegant

Everybody has ideas about what their dream home should like be from a very young age.
Some people imagine their home to be small and cozy whereas some may dream about having a large modern mansion.
But what actually makes any house a home is customization according to the inhabitant’s desires, style and taste.
Customization includes the cleanliness of your home, the furnishings, and the utilization of space and the color theme of the apartment.
Your home is a space where you get to express all your quirks and creativity freely. But unfortunately when it comes for adding a little decor to your dwelling, it may come at hefty price which may put a damper on your plans and dishearten you.

The good news is that decorating your home shouldn’t be expensive. If you have got a few tricks up your sleeve, which as luck would have it I do for you.
Below are some of the ways you can save a ton of cash all the while not compromising on your creativity and your home décor.

CLEAN UP YOUR SPACE and make it clutter free

Most people have so many things lying around in their home that they are of little or no use to them. It may be something which has sentimental value or something you think you may need one day but for now it’s just taking up space and probably accumulating dust bunnies.

This not only gives off a shabby appearance of your apartment but also reduces the standard of your space. It isn’t necessary to get rid of this stuff. If u don’t want to do that, you can always put in storage. After you do this you’ll definitely feel infinitely better about your now open and uncluttered space

SHAKE Things up

Even a small shift of your furniture or organizing of your things makes an enormous difference. For instance replacing your dining table chairs with kitchen chairs or outdoor chairs will make your home feel airy and relaxed.
Another upside to adding outdoor chairs is that they are nearly indestructible, and can handle wear and tear.
Rearranging the place with lamps or exchanging their shades with each other will also provide a breath of fresh air.
Rotating pillows, rugs and other small pieces of furniture that are easily potable will let you see how doing this will transform your space appreciably.
Styling your bookshelf is also a notable idea as I feel this instantly provides character to your space.
Putting unattractive paperbacks and stowing them away in baskets or boxes also enhances the aesthetic of your bookshelf.
While normally books are stacked vertically, mixing tem up i.e. stacking them both horizontally and vertically and adding lightning to your book shelf in the form of a quaint lamp or twinkle lights is a superb idea to make your bookshelf look beautiful.

Embrace NATURE

Adding fresh flowers to your home make you feel fresh and energized and may also give guests a welcome vibe of your home. This can be done by filling recyclable jar bottles with water and picking your desirable flowers from your backyard and putting them inside. This indeed is a very easy and budget friendly idea.
If you wish to go a little further you can substitute water with damp oasis which can be put in a vase or a small pot.
Flowers can be arranged by cutting a bit of their stems and arranging then in the oasis.
These flowers stay fresh for a relatively long time than the previous method especially if an antiseptic solution is also used when soaking your oasis in water.
Flowers are a brilliant way to add a pop of color in any space especially in neutral color themed rooms or space.
If you wish for a low maintenance way to brighten up your lackluster space, seashells or pebbles can be also be used.
Seashells can be used to cover candle holders by using super glue. The latter may be painted with assorted pastel colors and be filled in a bowl which will give of a peaceful aura around your home. Of course you can always get creative with tons of other ideas.

Visit a garage sale car boot or flea market

Garage sales or flea markets are a good opportunity to get your hands on cheap furniture whilst still being in a good condition.
To make the most of these budget friendly idea you should first get to know sales happening in your area. So that you are able to check them all out and don’t regret later when you get to know of better deals.
If you are lucky you may be able to score a vintage piece without dropping a pretty penny. Mixing vintage furniture with modern makes a beautiful contrasts and your area immediately looks distinctive and adds individuality to your home.

Print out stationary

Cover your usually drab and empty walls with print out art and stationary by Framing them and arranging them neatly on your wall in a geometrical or symmetrical pattern is a great way to go but you could always mix and match according to your space requirements. Captivating wall art and stationary can accentuate your walls and empty spaces. The oh so studio is particularly great for customizable stationary and print. I absolutely love their stationary as they have the most adorable illustrations and what’s special is that they allow customizing your stationary.

Do it yourself

Painting your washed out walls with a bright or pastel colors is a cheap and effective way to illuminate your expanse. Cheap stick on wallpaper can create a wonderfully texture wall. You can dye tour napkins using a tie and dye method to get rid of their lusterless appearance and at the same time getting rid of stains.
Adding lace trims to pillow cases and bed spreads in contrasting color adds a splash of color. Adding lace trims to lamp shades or iron on embroidered patches on lamps will make them look classy and elegant without you pending a dime on expensive embroidered lamps.
Decorating your place doesn’t always have to be expensive, a little creativity and good taste can do wonders, or just follow our recommended tips and feel the difference.