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Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

Baby Hospital Bag Checklist UK

You can’t wait to welcome your little bundle of joy to your wonderful world. But are you set for the labour and birth? Whether you’re planning to have your baby in a hospital, at home or at a midwifery facility, it is crucial to pack all the essentials for the big day in a proper baby bag.

Side tip: It’s recommended that you have the baby hospital bag packed at least 2 weeks prior to your due date. Also, check with your midwife on what you’re permitted to bring if you are planning to deliver in a hospital or at a midwifery unit.

What to Pack for Yourself?

  • Your birth plan and hospital/maternity notes
  • Comfy dressing gown: You never know how your labour will go. So, pack a dressing gown that’s not only lightweight and comfortable but also soft and loose enough to allow you to move around and not get too hot. When it comes to the colour, go for dark shades or a patterned gown that can conceal any stain.
  • At least three (3) changes of clothes: an old T-shirt or loose nightdress will do just fine
  • A few pairs of socks
  • Comfortable slippers, preferably slip-on, backless ones
  • Breast pads, a breastfeeding bra plus at least 2 other supportive bras
  • 1 or 2 packets of heavy-flow feminine or maternity pads
  • At least six (6) pairs of disposable knickers, underwear
  • Lip balm: your lips can get too dry and chapped during labour. Have a couple of quality lip balms handy.
  • Sponge and spray bottle: They’ll help cool you down
  • Extra pillows
  • Favourite Music, Book or Magazine
  • A camera (or camera phone)
  • Healthy treats and drinks

What to Pack for Your Birth Partner (if you have one)?

  • Change of clothes – labour can last longer than you anticipated. It shouldn’t be something fancy because birth and labour can get messy.
  • Drinks and snacks – to stay alert and hydrated while being a supportive partner
  • Comfortable shoes, preferably flat shoes
  • Handheld fan to cool down the mom-to-be
  • Travel charger and camera phone
  • Entertainment – books, music, mags, and so on

What to Pack for the Baby?

  • Baby booties, hat, mittens, and socks
  • Newborn baby wipes
  • Muslin squares
  • A pram suit
  • Going-home outfit for the baby
  • 30-40 nappies for newborns
  • A baby blanket or shawl
  • Appropriate car seat

There you’ve it – a complete baby hospital go-bag checklist. You can utilise any type of bag, from a small suitcase to rucksack.


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Personalised New Baby Gifts New Parents Will Love

Personalised New Baby Gifts 


Looking for the perfect gift to give your best friend for her new baby? Or perhaps you’re trying to design your own nursery without going mad? Relax! This should be fun! But if you’re having trouble trying to find just the right things for your baby’s nursery or that of someone you love, we have some suggestions that will take all the guesswork out of finding a great personalised baby gift they’ll treasure, even long after baby has grown up.


Many things are obvious for a nursery such as a crib, a changing station for baby, and some type of chair for you to sit in to nurse your baby and rock her back to sleep. But there are other things your nursery needs for that perfect touch!



Quilts and receiving blankets are a common gift but they’re useful too. A beautiful design made from a soft, plush fabric will feel soft on baby’s skin. It can be used to swaddle the baby or even draped across your rocker for a cosy touch in the nursery.



While pillows should never ever be inside the crib with a baby, one of the best personalised new baby gifts is an embroidered pillow with the initial of your baby’s name. It looks stunning tucked into your armchair where you’ll spend many nights holding that little one snug in your arms. Once she’s bigger, she’ll love arranging it on her bed alongside her favourite stuffed animals. It’s a classic gift with staying power.


Teddy Bears

No nursery would ever be complete without at least one snuggly teddy bear in it. Again, it shouldn’t ever be in the crib, but it looks sweet up on the shelves and he’ll love to snuggle it when he’s bigger. Teddy bears come in all colours, designs, and sizes so you can match your nursery theme perfectly with one.


Night Light/Sound Machine

One thing that most new parents overlook is a night light/sound machine combination. A gentle light is soothing for baby plus it keeps you from tripping over something in the dead of night, resulting in waking the baby. A sound machine that plays white noise will keep baby soothed and sleeping longer. Most new parents don’t realise that silence is upsetting for new babies. If you’re giving a new mum a baby gift, this is a brilliant choice.



A hanging mobile over baby’s crib is a classic nursery item. It doesn’t just look pretty, but it also serves to stimulate your baby through colours and shapes. Finding one that matches the theme of the nursery will add a lovely touch to your nursery décor.


Wooden Toys

It’s true that the baby won’t be playing with it anytime soon, but a wooden toy is a wonderful accent for any baby nursery. Wooden toys are safer than plastic ones too and they have more staying power. That wooden toy will last and last throughout his childhood and into his adult years when he can give it to his own child.


Storage Items

Perhaps it’s not the most exciting item on the list, but what most new parents neglect to think of when they’re putting together a nursery for their baby is where they’re going to store everything. They design these glorious rooms and then when the baby comes they realize they’ve nowhere to put any of the essentials. As bookcases can be dangerous if toppled once baby starts pulling himself up and trying to walk, a smart option is something that can be hung on the wall where Mum and Dad can reach it without worrying about the wee one.



Particularly if you have a hardwood floor, a rug adds a touch of warmth and comfort to a baby nursery. It can also add a pop of colour to a carpeted floor. But regardless of flooring style, a rug can be a great place for tummy time and add more cushioning for things like activity centres.


Activity Centres

Speaking of activity centres, these are a delight for any baby. They’re soft with fun textures and baby-safe toys that your baby will want to touch and explore. Babies start learning right away and giving them things to stimulate their minds even as infants is a great way to give them a head start.


Personalised Prints

And finally, there’s something to be said about getting personal when it comes to new baby gifts. Personalised new baby gifts that you design yourself are the best choice of all. The Oh So Studio makes it easy to do without ever setting foot in a shop. You can choose the design you want from hundreds of gorgeous styles. Then customize it with your baby’s name or initials, download it for free and print it. You can find a chic frame and make it your own. No need to be an artist either. The Oh So Studio takes all the tough work out of that. The most difficult part is choosing which of the beautiful designs you like best.


If you’ve just discovered you’re expecting, you can print designs from The Oh So Studio for your baby shower invitations, thank-you cards, stationary, christening announcements, games, and more and keep it all with the same beautiful theme that you’ve personally selected and customized. How’s that for a personalised new baby gift? With all these ideas, you’re bound to find the right one that makes any new parent pleased as punch, including you!

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7 baby shower games that are actually fun and exciting

Just like any other party, the lively and engaging conversation makes the time fly away quickly; similarly that’s what makes the best baby shower party, too.
The best baby shower party is one in which guests are thoroughly entertained and excited, the lovely smile never leaves the face of a new mother, which is like a fresh breath of air.
And to achieve the entire above nothing does that better than a thoughtfully arranged baby shower games party which leaves the guests enthralled, and allows a new mother the much needed break after 9 months of pregnancy.
A successful baby shower party is one in which the baby shower games will leave even the most jaded of guests full of awe.
Scroll down for some of our recommended baby shower game ideas. These ideas are awesome and fun, so are you ready for having some fun?

Game #1 Guess the Baby Game

The first fun game that we have on our baby shower games list is, “Guess the baby Game.” It’s the most hilarious game that keeps guests entertained till the game begins and ends. For playing guess the baby game, you would have to instruct your guests to bring along their own baby photo when you send out an invitation to them.
Prior to starting the game collect all the pictures that your guests have brought along them. Once the game begins post the pictures around the room with numbers attached to each picture. Now distribute lists with numbers, blanked lists, each guest has to guess who is pictured in each photo.

Game #2 find the guest

The second game that we have on our list of fun baby shower games is, “Find the guest game.” Now this game needs a little preparation beforehand and requires your good memory. All you have to do is carefully look through your guest list and try to recall fun facts about each member and make notes.
Now type all the fun facts about each and every member without mentioning which fun fact belongs to whom. Print copies of the list and distribute the lists to the guests. Now as soon as the guests arrived, they have to indulge into a little talk prior to starting a game, to get to know a bit about each other in order to guess which fun fact belongs to which guest. The guest who get most of the answers right will be declared a winner.

Game # 3 What am i?

Make a card for each guest invited in the party with a baby item written on it such as dirty diaper, a pacifier, and feeder. As soon as guests arrive, pin their respective card on their back; make sure guests don’t take a peek on their cards. Now they have to play a guessing game by mingling with other invited guests by asking different yes or no questions in order to guess the item that’s written on their back. A guest who guess the item right will have the card unpinned and will be declared as a winner.

Game # 4 Mommy and Daddy’s Secrets

Now the fourth fun, yet touching, baby shower game that we have on our list is “Mommy and daddy secrets”. If you are looking for a fun filled, exciting and yet the most engaging baby shower game, you’re surely in luck. Make a list of twenty questions for both mom and dad. Ask mom and dad for answers to these questions, when you do that, make sure the significant other is not present in the same room.
The great questions included in the list can be, do you want a girl or a boy? What was your first thought when you heard the news of you going to be a daddy? What would you want your child to become once he/she grows up? How would you act on your daughter’s first date? How would you react when you have to change your baby’s diaper for the first time?
Once the quiz is over and answers are recorded, bring both into the room and make both the parents sit on the hot seat one at a time ready for interrogation.
Ask each partner to guess the answer to each question that was asked of them before presenting them to the audience to see who thinks the answer is correct. Everyone enjoys a great laugh and is a winner in this fun, lively game.

Game # 5 don’t drop the egg (baby) game

Ask your baby shower guests to decorate an egg to make it look like a like baby. They can use different decoration items for the activity such as food coloring, paints, artificial eyes, etc. Gather all guests and arrange a race in which each guest carries their egg (baby) on the spoon. The deal is they don’t have to drop the egg, whether they hold the spoon with hands or between the teeth. To avoid making mess of the place, you may use hard boiled eggs. The game is more ideal for outdoor areas; however one can still play it if they have a large hall indoor.

Game # 6 We’re having a baby!

As the name suggests, we are having a baby is another exciting and fun filled game. The game begins by splitting up guests into teams of four or five each. Each guest is given a balloon to blow. When you call “go” one person from each team must blow up a balloon as quickly as he/she can and put it under her shirt, until all the team members have balloons under their shirts. Now first member, using a pin has to pop her own balloon through the shirt, then the second team member, and so on. The first team to burst all the balloons wins the game. If you want to turn this game into more fun then you may ask the teams to bump their bellies again each other in order to rupture their balloons.

Game #7 Play Dough Babies

The last game we have on our list is Play dough babies. Get your guests’ creative juices flowing with this one. Give each guest a baking cup and different pieces of colored dough. Each guest is given a task to create the cutest dough baby within 15 minutes. You can provide your guests with fun accessories such as plastic knife, emoticons such as smiles to bring the artist in them. And, of course, it’s none other than a mom-to-be, who decides the winner after the completion of the game.
Making use of our recommended games will surely turn your party with lots of laugher and joy. The guests shall never forget this memorable baby shower party.