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The Most Popular Party Games for Kids

Are planning to host a birthday party or an event and not confident of how you will keep the kids busy and occupied? Don’t worry. Various games will keep your kids hopping, running, jumping and laughing. The following are the best party games that are easy and simple to ensure the kids have a great experience at the party.

Sack Race

The sack race is a traditional party game that has been around for an extended period. Besides, the kids will have the opportunity of learning development skills. In addition to that, the game can be played by kids of all ages and stages.

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Escape the Monster

It is among the best party games for kids that incorporates both the parents and the kids. Kids love when their parents play monsters that are after them. For this game, you will need ample space for the kids to create a circle and even run. 10-16 kids can play the game at the same time.

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Fox and Geese

It is a type of game that can be played anywhere even on large open areas. For the kids to play the game, place some spray paint on the grass and the game is set to be performed. Gather a bunch of kids to play the game together.

Find your partner

This game is ideal for pairing up kids at the beginning of a party and offering an opportunity for interaction, by breaking the ice especially when they are strangers to each other.

Name Game

The name game is among the ideal party games for kids and similar to the favorite game known as the Twenty Questions. For this game, you will require a pen and post-in. To do this, draft down the name of a celebrity or influential individual on the post-in. Get the kids to sit in a group and create teams if you desire.
Stick the post-in on the forehead of one kid and make sure the other kids don’t see what is written on it. Let the kid with the post-in ask various questions to the team to ascertain what is written on the forehead. The game is perfect when played during picnics and birthday parties.

Treasure Hunt

This party games for kids capture the level of imagination for the kids from preschool and above. Before making them read, you can choose to use picture clues. Once they are in a position to understand, you may color code clues so that every kid gets an opportunity to become a ‘reader.’ The kids can also work as a team and identify the treasure and ultimately get rewarded for their efforts.