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Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Once you’ve got that engagement done and dusted, it’s time to move on to the more important things in life- The Wedding of course! And pulling off your fairytale wedding not only requires a hefty budget and plenty of time, but a checklist of things to do too.

Whether it’s your wedding attire, accessories, décor or venue, the list of things to cover is endless. And if you ask us, it’s the wedding invites that are your first impression to your family and friends regarding how you imagine the biggest day of your life to be. So what does that mean?

Gone are the days when little thought and effort were put into invites. Today, couples are going all out and about towards creating an invitation that surpasses all of the audience’s expectations. After all, most people get married once in their lifetime and nailing this aspect is so essential.

At, the ultimate aim is to revolutionize the way wedding invitations get created in the first place. And by that we mean giving couples plenty of heartwarming and innovative ideas regarding a seamless range of wedding invite template options that users can customize, download and then print for free.

The range of styles and designs to choose from are unlimited. Whether it’s shabby chic with the perfect hint of vintage flair to modern day sexy and sleek, here are our top picks for wedding invitation trends that are sure to make you fall in love all over again. Let’s take a look!

The watercolor effect for days
A subtle softness that can only be created with this effect, watercolor is sublime perfection at its best. And the best thing about it has to revolve around the fact that gives the user plenty of hues to play with, not just that classic neutral palette. We’re talking reds, blues and oranges, merged sensationally with greens, blues and purples for effects that steal your breath away. The softness of the lines, while creating floral or simply borders are a sure shot wedding experiment worth indulging upon wholeheartedly.
Acrylic suave at its best
Acrylic is a fantastic effect that can now be recreated via print at Whether you choose to go the modern way of doing things or prefer sticking to classic designs, there’s surely something in there for everyone to enjoy. The element of uniqueness that acrylic adds works wonders at turning a simple, graceful invite into a stellar conversational piece. We believe in being different while you can and allow guests to cherish the innovative decisions that you make.

Big, bold and beautiful
While many of us simply adore the smaller things in life, can truly alter the way you witness wedding invites with these big, bold and beautiful invitations. Moody romance at its finest can be achieved via big and bold designs that are easy on the eyes. We’re talking things along the lines of dark hued backgrounds, amalgamated sensationally with striking patterns. It’s undoubtedly a daring move but a style or a design that will do more than create the right kind of impression.

Blind letterpresses are a sheer delight
Blind letterpresses with no ink being used are great at working to establish printing effect that’s striking and unique, even when there’s an absence of ink. And that’s exactly what adds that element of innovation that’s rarely found in today’s time. Whether you wish to achieve the dent like appeal with your main card’s text, the initials on your envelope, a graphic design or simply the intricate border throughout the card, the options to choose from are unlimited.

Seamlessly sexy calligraphy
Gone are the days when the perfect calligraphy effect could only be achieved via handwriting. Today, is reigniting the seamlessly sexy calligraphy appeal by making use of none other than print. And that’s the sheer beauty of it all. Today, we give you the opportunity to choose from countless font styles and designs that make them appear as if it was all done by hand. This method is not only faster, saving up time on card printing; it’s also done flawlessly each and every time. Did we mention the immense cut down on costs too?

The minimalistic design approach never seems to get out of style
Clean, chic and a subtle display of modernism, give wedding guests a treat with these oh so stunning DIY wedding invites template designs. We’re talking a crisp white background with clean patterns replicated differently across the board. Great examples include swirls, vine leaves, directional lines and beautiful wreaths that are arranged magnificently. Remember it’s these little touches that can go long ways towards improving the overall effect in aesthetics. And for those that might find this a little boring, you can always spice things up a bit with your own creative flair using our customization offer.

A little grungy metallic never hurt anybody
A raging upcoming trend revolves around going outside the box with your creativity and wedding invites are no exception. Shimmer, sparkle and shine every step of the way with wedding invitation that make use of metallic hues. Gold, copper, silver or bronze, choose your color carefully and allow the magic to take place itself. You’ll be amazed at how dressed up your invite appears with metallic shades. Above all, it’s the ultimate way of indirectly telling guests to appear glamorously fashionable for your event as this wedding is surely going to be a night to remember.

Luscious greenery for days
With botanical greens and organic décor wedding trends on the rise for the years 2018 and 2019 too, it’s no surprise many couples would want to blend their wedding invitations with their theme. How about a hint of geometric floral touches, paired sensationally with luscious greens in the form of leaves of vines? It’s the perfect way to nail that bohemian chic outlook that seems to be a favorite for all across the board. Remember, the graphical boldness seen in the geometric designs can be balanced immaculately with the subtle softness that comes alongside botanical blooms.

A hint of embellishments to make anyone’s day
Going the extra mile is probably the hottest trend of the year and that’s why we at are making sure to incorporate that aspect into our trending wedding invitations template designs. Whether it’s your personal touch, personality trait, the perfect play on texture or simply the adornment of layers in your card, the options to play with are truly countless. It’s up to you when it comes to what you wish to showcase to your guests and what you wish to disguise.

Destination love themed landscape invites are what dreams are made of
The greatest source of inspiration for destination wedding themed invitations has got to be none other than these dreamy landscape templates. They say a picture speaks a thousand words so why not allow guests to cherish your new beginning in ultimate style with wedding invitations for days. Whether you choose to incorporate your favorite city’s skyline or a piece of architectural significance that means most to you as a couple, the choices are unlimited. And if that’s not enough, how about incorporating bespoke landscapes that are a significant part of your wedding venue or play a role in your cultural significance? This all works magically, especially those couples planning their wedding as one in another destination.

Go mad for monograms
Another upcoming trend to look out for this wedding season has got to be that monogram appeal. Statement monograms are raging in full swing and we can totally relate as to why. From the royals to the world of celebrities, monograms are a classic way of adding your personalized touch, while managing to achieve that simplistic and chic outlook every step of the way.

Map your thoughts out
Now that’s what we at call innovation. Wedding invitations shaped out to appear as a map are the perfect way to tell guests that you’re going the extra mile to achieve creativity at its finest. Another great design for destination weddings, the map themed invite can make the most out of your location in full swing. Choose your pick from ones that appear as if they’ve been created by hand or make use of standard survey style map designs. Whatever the choice may be, we’ll ensure you that guests will be swooning over the invite for days.

Reach for the stars with these stunning celestial wedding invites
The sky is truly not the limit for us at and these celestial themed DIY wedding invitations are just the proof of that notion. Created intricately using a cosmic touch, the use of constellations, stars and moons are sheer innovation beyond belief.

The marbled effect is pure love
Customize your marble effect themed DIY wedding invitations in your personal styles with funky fonts, gorgeous patterns or simply leave the marbled effect to create a powerful punch of its own. It’s luxurious, chic and oh so elegant if you ask us at After all, we all deserve a little bit of extravagance in our lives and when it’s coming at a fraction of the real cost, there’s no complaining from anyone’s side.

Select any of these trendy styles and make your own wedding invitations at the Oh So Studio.

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How to Entertain the Kids at a Wedding

kids wedding activities

Most families fail to attend weddings because they cannot bring their kids along as well. When the kids are in attendance, parents have the toughest times keeping them entertained. Wedding ceremonies can be difficult for children keeping in mind the festive atmosphere and the long hours. Kids also want to move, shake and be part of the beautiful celebration. At the same time, they are supposed to sit quietly and get occupied for long hours. It is crucial when planning your wedding to come up with brilliant ideas for the kids who will be in attendance. Besides, keeping the kids entertained enables both the parents and guests to have a great time as well. The following are the ways to keep kids entertained during your wedding.

Create a colouring station

Offer Colouring and Writing Tools Kids love to draw and colour right? Set a particular room or station and provide a tabletop entertainment full of cups of crayons and white butcher paper. The kids will be occupied with the fun of drawing and colouring; they will forget that they are at an event. It is the most significant kids wedding activity pack that you cannot miss to provide. You could even buy or make your own cute Wedding Activity book like these one’s by Ginger Ray.

kids wedding activities

Ginger Ray Kids Wedding Entertainment Activity Books X 5 Pack – Vintage Affair

Ginger Ray Childrens Wedding Activity Placemat Pack and Colouring Kit – 8 Pack – Rustic Country

Movie Theatre

Show a Movie Kids tend to concentrate more on a film. They quickly get absorbed into almost any film you show. Playing a video in a different room or outside in the summer can help kids to be occupied and thoroughly entertained for many hours. Besides, you can fill the room with other goodies like comfy chairs, popcorn, tepee tents and drinks. Play their kids’ movie, and your youthful guests will surely be entertained.

kids wedding activities

Lavievert Teepee Children Indian Playhouse Cotton Canvas Kids Play Tent for Indoor or Outdoor Play (white)

Kid Friendly Music

Prepare Kid-Friendly Music Kids should not be left out when it comes to music, because they will also love to dance and move their tiny hips. You should prepare a child-friendly music playlist so that they can dance to Frozen and other disco classics. You could also provide them with blow up guitars and microphones. Wedding Photo Booth Set up an area for a photo booth and include lots of props for them to play dress up. Not only will the kids love to strike a pose I’m sure many of the adults will get involved too.

kids wedding activities

Ginger Ray Photo Booth Wedding Rose Gold Mr & Mrs/Party Props Kit – Beautiful Botanics

Photo Booth

Offer Them Cameras Consider offering them disposable cameras to use at the reception and collect them at the end of the ceremony and have them developed. They will love to take photographs of the wedding event. It is considering that a kid’s perspective is the most significant and highly appreciated by everyone. You can use their perception as one of the best ways to put your wedding on record. Garden Games If you’re getting married in the summer you could hire or buy your own outdoor lawn games to keep the little ones entertained.

kids wedding activities

Jaques of London Garden Tumble Tower – Builds Over 3ft Tall During Indoor or Outdoor Play

Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional Most parents prefer to hire the services of a babysitter to keep an eye on the toddlers and infants so that no one gets hurt or place their fingers in the cake. Besides, you can choose to hire entertainments like artists, face painters, magicians, and clowns who are professionals in entertaining the kids.

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The Ultimate Wedding Stationary Checklist

wedding stationary checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Stationary Checklist

Everyone has a thousand different ideas about their wedding day. From the color scheme to the venue and right down to their flavor of the cake everything is very thoughtfully decided.

Unfortunately one thing that does not get much importance and attention to is the wedding stationary. Often neglected make things easier for you so that you know exactly what stationary you will need and stay on track with your budget.

Engagement party invitations

These can be used to this little minute detail sets the whole vibe of your wedding and occasions that follow within it.

Before you start ordering your wedding stationary checkout this wedding stationary checklist that we have put together to announce your engagement or an invite to your engagement party.

If you are hosting a party make sure the invitations reflect the vibe of the party. For example if it’s going to be an extravagant affair it will be best to send out printed invites.

However, if it’s a laid-back get together, then electronically sent invites will be showcasing the vibe of your party.

Invite only those guests that you plan to invite on your wedding.

Rehearsal dinner invitations

Right before the main ceremony a rehearsal dinner is hosted to ensure things run out smoothly on your big day. Your closest family and friends may be invited and it’s a casual affair. They can be printed and can be sent along the wedding card invites selectively to people you want to invite or separately.

Be my bridesmaid card

Getting married is sort of a huge affair because there is so much to do. A bride may find herself at the verge of a breakdown because of all the mayhem that comes along with weddings. So to keep yourself sane you will need your nearest friends and family so that you can get all the assistance and support. Sending the be my bridesmaid card is a beautiful way to ask them to be your bridesmaid on your big day.

Save the date cards

Sending a save the date cards shows guests that they are invited to attend your big day. This is not an official wedding invitation mad gives the names of the bride and groom along with some brief details.

This is particularly useful for those couples who plan to have a destination wedding or have guests coming in from another city or country.

Wedding invitations

This invitation is the most significant part of your wedding stationary. They invite your guests to your big day and contain detailed information about the date, venue and the timings of the ceremony. I personally think that these shouldn’t be sent electronically as paper invites are TIMELESS. Besides, these are the key piece of your wedding stationary so have fun designing them and make them unique and a style statement.

RSVP cards

These are response cards that will let you know about those guests who are attending and those who aren’t.  It may also include a meal choice for your guests to choose.

You can add a stamped envelope with the addresses for your guests to send it to but if you are on a budget you can include an email address so that guests can send responses to you electronically. This is easier for you as well as the guests as this easy is relatively hassle free.

Wedding events and itinerary insert

Guests attending the wedding may be confused if they don’t know the order of the events especially if it’s a long wedding for more than a few days. This particular piece can inform the guests about the additional events you have planned prior and after the main ceremony.
Accommodation cards \ Location cards
This piece of stationary will prove to be helpful for your guests especially if they are out of town as the purpose of these cards are to let the guests get familiar with the local area. For e.g. the nearby restaurants ,hotels and bed and breakfast. The latter is a map and directions to the place where your ceremony will take place.

While you can certainly get these cards printed it may be easier for you to instead send it electronically as it is cheaper ,fast and you don’t need to customize it with the guests name.

Seating plan

This plan is set up at the entry of the venue to let the guests get to know a brief layout of the place along with the table numbers and table arrangement. This should coincide with the place cards so guests are able to find their way trouble free.

Place cards

Place cards are used to inform guests about their seat. These are put individually at every seat. Guests will appreciate it as they will immediately know where to sit.


The menu can inform the guest about the menu choices or special meals for people who may be allergic to certain foods. If you are having a buffet the menu may be displayed over a chalk board like it is done in some restaurants. A menu isn’t necessary when you are serving light bites.

After the wedding checklist

Thank you cards

These cards are sent shortly after your wedding is over to express your gratitude to guests who attended the wedding. They are also sent to your bridesmaid and best man. These notes should be customized with the name of the individual mentioned. Sending these notes hand written is a great gesture to show that you genuinely appreciated their attendance.

Additional stationary (optional)

A dessert menu
Escort cards
Reception cards wedding website cards
Welcome dinner invites
labels for welcome baskets wedding guest book
The latter two are usually done for destination wedding but it is up to the couple if they want it to make a part of their wedding.

The checklist is not a compulsion for you to incorporate into your wedding and their events. You can add or remove things and customize according what you need and want.

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Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

wedding theme

How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Theme

Choosing classic wedding themes involve considering a few factors. Things like the venue of the occasion, your tastes & personalities and the mood you want to set for your special day.

Picking a wedding theme and color palette for your big day is one of the smartest and significant decisions a bride should make. The choice of colors and theme will create the tone of everything from your venue to the invitations. On that note, it is crucial to select a theme that you love.
Not sure where to begin? The following inspiring ideas will prepare you on the path to wedding planning success.

Choose a Perfect Venue

A place that is dear to you and your partner is a beautiful starting point. Where did your man propose? Is it on the beach or some abroad country in Africa like Morocco? If you have always wanted to visit such a state, you should consider setting your special day dedicated to your dream destination. After choosing your venue, pay attention to the ambiance and features, select a perfect theme to go with them.

What Are Your Favorite Colors?

You can use the colors you love most to create a theme for your wedding ceremony. Think about these colors and check if they can pair perfectly. If you don’t have a favorite color, check your wardrobe and count those colors you like wearing most. In addition to that, you can opt to browse different color combinations to ascertain if you can love them. Remember, you should not disregard your partner’s opinion on this matter.

Consider the Season

The season when your wedding will be done is very significant, mainly when you are thinking of an outdoor wedding. Having a garden wedding during winter is awkward. Besides, different seasons provide different natural colors and atmospheres. For instance, if you have opted to have a fall wedding, colors such as red, and orange will be perfect.

Your Budget Is Significant

In organizing such an event, it is crucial to stick to your budget. Opting for an indoor garden-themed wedding ceremony will not be perfect if you are on a tight budget, considering that filling a room with flowers will be very expensive. Instead, you can choose to do your wedding in a real garden that does not require many decorations.

Be True To Yourself

The perfect wedding is the one that reflects the couple’s character, mood, and interests, so it is significant to stay true to yourself and the love of your life when choosing the best wedding themes.

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Most Popular First Dance Songs

Most Popular First Dance Songs

The first dance song you choose is the soundtrack of your wedding’s most romantic moments and also sets the mood for your guests. If you and your partner love modern-day tunes, there are several first dance songs to choose from comfortably.

‘Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran ’s tops the list of the most popular first dance songs used for weddings all over the world.

Personalise and download your own first dance song for free at The Oh So Studio


“Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has been crowned as the undisputed king of first dance since 2016 to date with this great song. It is filled with romance that we can’t even get enough. Expect the hit to remain at the top of many weddings all over the world.

“God Only Knows “by John Legend and Cynthia Erlvo

Are you looking for a great song sung by two talented artists? Well, this song is perfect for your special day. It has a good cover, and the tune has been a first dance song for an extended period now. This new song first performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards will be among the top first dance this year.

“Love “by Lana Del Ray

Most people are obsessed with Lana Del Ray ’s great and retro sound, and this song is perfect for a first dance song. It’s unique and is ideal for a couple that doesn’t need to play the same-old first dance song.

“All of Me” by John Legend

The song was initially written and dedicated to Chrissy Teigen, legend’s wife, was first played on American mainstream urban radio on August 12th, 2013, as the album’s third single. The tune is an excellent piano-driven song for a first dance.

“I’ll Name the Dogs” By Blake Shelton

Are you a great fan of a country song? You can include the tune by Blake Shelton among your first dance songs for your special day. Its cheeky and beautiful lyrics, its upbeat and ecstatic feel makes it perfect for a laid-back event.

“Make You Feel My Love” – By Adele

The song features the unique soundtrack used in the romantic comedy film “When in Rome” in 2010. Adele’s version expresses her affection for the great tune, and with the piano as her backing, her vocals, and rhythm makes it perfect for a first dance song.

“Greatest Love Story” By Lanco

If you and your partner are childhood sweethearts, then this country song is perfect to become the first dance on your wedding day. The lyrics alone narrate a story and will surely capture the attention and interests of your guests.

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How to Ask – Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

How to Ask – Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Gone are those old days where you could call your best friend and say “Hello buddy, will you stand by me on my special day? Since your partner popped the question, it is now your turn to do the same. Your bridesmaids will be your significant support system during your wedding day.
If you are not sure about how to come up with an excellent way to ask your dear friends, to stand up with you, the following ideas will be significant for you before your wedding day.

Send Her a Bridesmaid Bracelet

Do it specially and uniquely by sending her a gold-coated bridesmaid bracelet that is full of charm. The jewel will be delivered in a pretty box with beautiful colours stating “I need you by my side, will you help me tie the knot?”

Send Cards

Another significant way to ask your best friend to be the bridesmaid is through sending cards. There are various websites that have a great collection of bridesmaid cards that you can comfortably choose.

A Customised Mug

You can also opt to send her a cup painted on “will you be my Bridesmaid?” indicating your friend’s name and the date of your wedding. Choose beautiful and great colours like cerise, pink, and purple to inspire her to become your bridesmaid.

Makeup Bag

How can you specially ask her by minding her looks? You can consider delivering to your best friends Emily and Cate a makeup bag containing all the important stuff with the phrase “will you be my bridesmaid Cate? I am confident she will not hesitate to stand by your side during your special day.


By now you know the type of socks she loves to wear during the weekend or cosy evenings because she is your best friend. Purchase a pair and customise them with the phrase “I can’t say I do without you”. She won’t let you down, and her feedback will be prompt.


If you are looking for the most comfortable and most convenient way to ask your best friends to be your bridesmaids, then consider creating customise wall calendars for each bridesmaid. Add various images, then modify the texts and fonts to make each piece unique with the phrase “will you be my bridesmaid”. Besides, you can also indicate the date of your wedding on the calendar. It will double up as a gift and unique way of asking your friends to stand by your side on your special day.

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Create Your Wedding Cocktail Menu

wedding drinks and cocktails

Create Your Wedding Cocktail Menu

One of the most significant factors to stay true during your wedding plans is your personality and style. When you add your unique twist to your wedding through the personalization of color themes, music selections and decorations will enable your guests have a real sense of your character and the relationship you have with the love of your life.

You should not stop the personalization there, consider creating unique wedding drinks to be served all night and communicate your special bond with the guests. The following are the fundamentals on how to create a cocktail menu.

The Ingredients Used In Preparing Any Cocktail
The following components make up the foundation of cocktails;

  • Amaro modifiers – Domaine de Canton ginger, St Germain and Cointreau
  • Spirits – Calvados, Brandy, Vodka Tequila, and whiskey.
  • Acids – citric acid, lemon, and lime.
  • Sodas – tonic water, ginger beer, and soda.
  • Lengthener – Madeira, Vermouth, Port, and Sherry.
  • Sweeteners – agave nectar, sugar, and honey.
  • The above ingredients are used in most cocktail.

The Five Traditional Cocktail Families,
These five cocktail families influence the creation of the best cocktails ever. They include Collins, Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Negroni, and Sour. These five brilliant recipes will help you in creating the best ratios’ that you can use in making your wedding drinks.

    • Collins: 1⁄2 oz. Sweetener, 2 oz. Spirit, 1-2 oz. Soda and 1 oz. Acid.
    • Old Fashioned: 1/3 oz. Sweetener, 2 oz. spirit, 4-6 dashes of bitters.
    • Sidecar- 3/4 oz. Acid, 1 1/2 oz. Spirit and 3/4 oz. liqueur modifier.
    • Negroni- 1 oz. Amaro modifier, 3⁄4 oz. Lengthener, 1 oz. Lengthener – or – 1.5 oz. Spirit, 1 oz. Spirit.
    • Sour – 2-4 dashes of bitters egg white, 2 oz. spirit, 1 oz. Sweetener and 1 oz. acid.

Cocktail Menu

Personalise, download and print your own cocktail menu for free



The following tips will help you select the best signature drink for your big day.

Add Your Wedding Colors
The best way to make your wedding drinks colorful is using your wedding colors. For a pure color, use pineapple, cranberry or limeade to match with your colors. If your wedding colors are grey, purple, and teal, you can incorporate with lavender to make it interconnected with your wedding theme.

Consider the Tastes of Your Guests
While this is your special day, your guests may be having different tastes and preferences. Strive to create a cocktail that is great and appealing universally. You can choose spirits such as vodka and some whiskey flavors.

Personalize Your Drink
Even if you have decided to choose a wedding cocktail that is more on the standard side, adding a unique name to the drink makes it yours. To show some creativity, you can add your favorite joke you occasionally share with your partner or a fabulous wedding quote.

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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

wedding checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Planning to celebrate a perfect wedding? Let’s get this straight; we want everything to be perfect on this big day.
From invitation cards sent timely to our friends and relatives to deciding on a perfect menu, venue, and a wedding dress.
So much to do, so much to plan, and we can’t afford anything going wrong on this big day, right?
Don’t worry we have you covered in this guide!

Trust me, it’s not easy, been there, done that. It doesn’t even matter if you have two months or 2 years to get married. It still causes a lot of stress.

You plan big, you create endless lists on a paper or mentally, only to find out on last minute that you have left out so many essentials without which your “supposed to be perfectly planned wedding” won’t be the same.

So, to save you from stress and unnecessary trouble we have created our exclusive wedding checklist, just for you.
Wedding planning can be extremely tiring and unnerving; especially if you are on your own. You can’t possibly do everything alone; you need support, a good budget, and not mention proper planning.

Whoa! Daunting isn’t it? The good news is…

This step-by-step wedding planning guide will walk you through all the main things you would need in order to pull off a perfectly well-planned wedding day. So that you get to enjoy your big day as everyone else without a worry in the world (after all you deserve it, darling, you are the one getting married)

So, trust us we know what you need and have everything covered for you, if you follow our perfect wedding checklist

That brings us to our next question…

Before you start out you need to know what kind of a wedding you are looking forward to.
Do you strictly want it to be under budget or you want a big lavish wedding with lots of people, great champagne and food?
I personally planned my own wedding checklist based on a budget I was ready to spend on.
I am not saying that you need to be on a budget too, but starting out with a budget in mind is an excellent way to start.
After all, it all boils down to what you can afford having on the wedding and what can make your budget exceed.
It’s always a good idea to have at least a rough budget in mind.
As much as we all want big weddings, but, alas, not everyone has a great bank balance.
For someone who in on a strict budget, if come across a wedding checklist with 100 steps to follow, would get overwhelmed and might even faint.
So, keeping the above idea in mind, we have created a simple wedding checklist, something that’s easy to follow —or maybe a flowchart, (whatever you would like to call it) just for your convenience.

Just print it out.

Stick it to your dressing table mirror, or on your fridge, and just follow with essential steps.
Again, for some people the idea of having a long checklist is somewhat comforting (as I said earlier it depends on what sort of a planner you are) or what are your preferences.
As the idea of having lots of things to check off is somewhat comforting to some people, who are naturally fussy (Lol).
We all have our own way of doing and managing things and it’s perfectly alright, as long as we don’t miss anything that we might regret on our big day.
So yes maybe a nice long list isn’t such a bad idea after all.
I am sure you must have heard of many funny stories of how some couples forgot to pay for postage for their wedding invitations or how they totally forgot to get a bride’s maid dress designed, hahaha, funny, isn’t it?

  • When we focus on too many irrelevant things (things we don’t actually need), we kind of miss on the most relevant items.
    Some even get scared to appear on their own wedding day(well, let’s that another story altogether, let’s not go over there).
    So without any further ado, check out our wedding checklist, feel free to mark or unmark it, or use it as per your individual needs.
    You may want to scroll down to check our wedding checklist or just click here to download our wedding checklist, that’s absolutely free!!
    Just print it out.
  • Stick it to your dressing table mirror, or on your fridge, and just follow with essential steps.

Sixteen to Nine Months before — Just Starting out

  • First things first, your first priority should be to set out a budget, create a list that caters to your top preferences — where you can save and where you have a margin to overspend.
  • Once top priorities are taken care of, then only create an additional list of the items you might need.
    How to Have An Amazing Elopement Without Lifting a Finger
  • Here Comes The Guide is here to help you through your wedding planning, and a great place to start is with our Wedding Checklist!
    Do your research, and be creative. Look for best wedding ideas, or real weddings on Pinterest, or read as many wedding blogs and magazines that will get your creative juice flow and will help you identify your own unique wedding style and colors palettes you would want to experiment with.
    Create an initial guest list, starting with different categories such as immediate family, distant family, friends, neighborhood, acquaintances, and colleagues; so that you don’t miss out on anyone (you would need to be sure about the guest count prior to creating your list).
    Choose on a bride’s maid —who you want to be by your side on your big day.
    Find the best venue for your ceremony — accommodating the number of guests you are going to invite.
    Spend some time researching for the best venue for your ceremony and reception — accommodating the number of guests you are going to invite. Reserve your date. Prepare questions you want to ask before visiting the venue.
    Wedding insurance? It’s another thing you must consider. You might also want to check other options such as Liability insurance, cancellation insurance, etc.
    Once the date is finalized, tell your family and friends to mark their calendar or save the date. You might also want to send out Save-the-date card, create a Whatsapp group or send emails reminding friends to mark their calendar.
  • You can also create a free website where you can share a wedding card or any possible dates related to the wedding. You can even share your wedding pictures here. (i.e., wedding channels.)
  • Now is the time to start preparing for perfect accessories that go with your wedding dress (or tux!) accessories. For innovative ideas check out trunk shows or bridal fairs.
  • Now is the time to look for perfect stilettos and a matching clutch.
  • Start searching for perfect honeymoon packages to turn your honeymoon into a dream honeymoon. Plenty of packages available online, pick one with the ideal honeymoon destination and one that suits your budget, too.

Eight months before — make progress slowly but gradually

  • Hire the DJ/Entertainment. Attend their shows, or watch any video recordings to see how they perform in front of the audience, then only hire them.
  • If you think wedding preparation is overwhelming and keeping you on toes, you might even consider hiring a wedding planner.
  • If you want to stay hassle free on your big day, then you might want to hire a Vendor. An all-rounder will take care of catering, photographer/ videographer, and an officiant.
  • Make sure everything is in black and white when you hire a vendor. Research, interview and then hire right booking vendors. (those who offer a reasonable rate and preferably with good experience).
  • Look for hotel rooms for out of town guests, make sure pick up hotels that are close the reception venue.

Seven to Six months before — Steadfast, just a few months to go

  • Decide on a card’s layout and content of your wedding invitation card with your card designer.
  • Decide on flower arrangement with your floral designer.
  • Now is the time to shop for bridesmaids dresses.
    Have a meeting with the officiant and figure out how exactly want your wedding to be.
  • Consider transportation options now. Your best bet would be limos but know they are quite risky when you are wearing a fitted gown. Also consider town cars, trolleys, and minibusses.
    Five to four months before — brace yourself, yes, you can do it
    It’s time for asking the stationery for a sample of finished invitation cards and revise and make changes according to your needs.
  • Choose your wedding cake, do a tasting of samples and then order the cake with your cake designer.
  • Purchase your wedding shoes now. And take the shoes along you when you go to your designer for first fitting. This will help in choosing the appropriate length of your dress.
  • Purchase your undergarments now. Make sure it goes with your wedding gown or it can ruin the look of your wedding day. It should fit your curves nicely; also try your gown wearing on it to check the fitting.
  • Now is the perfect time to schedule hair and makeup artists.
  • Now is the time to start preparing for perfect accessories that go with your wedding dress (or tux!) accessories. For innovative ideas check out trunk shows or bridal fairs.

Three months before — Time to re-check and revise

  • Finalize menu cards, as well as all the scheduled programs.
  • Ordering wedding favor, It is the right time now if you’re planning to give welcome baskets to your guests.
  • Make every necessary arrangement such as childcare arrangements, etc.
    Also, check out with your dress designer to see how the dress designing is coming along, and in case the dress is ready prior to delivery time, check it out in advance for any possible ill-fitting and flaws.
  • Purchase your wedding rings. This will give you plenty of time to decide on a perfect ring, resizing and engraving.

Now concentrate on finalizing some important stuff;

    • Details from your cateres, Menu items you wanted are on the list, Beverages you want on your big day.
    • Finalizing the guest list, the most important thing to make sure who is actually coming to your wedding, so you can make other arrangements according to that.
    • Share guest list and discuss the final schedule bridal shower/bachelorette details the person(s) hosting your party. So you get plenty of time to make any tweaks and changes.
    • Final the orders for the ceremony and your reception slot the positions depending on what you want to happen during the whole event. I.e., Kicking off the dance, cake cutting ceremony.
    • Confirm the text you want to be as your invitation text with the stationery. Consider ordering any other stationery such as thank you cards, menu cards, e.t.c)
  • Setup timeline for the reception formalities.

It’s time to finalize all the fantasies you made for your honeymoon. Make sure you have all the essential documents, and they are up to date. (i.e., Apply for the visa, if you want to go to a country that doesn’t have visa on arrival for your country.)

Two months before — time to finalize

  • Talk to your vendor again, answer any questions they had from your first meeting or ask anything else you want to ask. Confirm the dates, and the deposits to make, e.t.c.
  • Send out the invitations to your guest!
  • Start with your research for the marriage license requirement and start getting done with the name change paperwork.
  • Go for your second dress fitting.
  • Start writing thank you cards for the for all the early wedding gifts you received.
  • Go out and enjoy your bachelor’s party.

1 month before – Almost there, hold tight

  • Enter RSVP in your guest lists. Don’t forget to phone people who haven’t responded to your invitation.
  • Grab your marriage license. To give yourself some freedom from the documents being missing, order several copies of that.
  • Visit the dressmaker for the final fit of your wedding dress, if you got enough luck, this would be your last visit. HAHA, sometimes things mostly don’t work our way and especially if it comes to dress we always end up getting some small problems, so it’s important to make sure that your dress is all set to rock.
  • Finalize what shots you want on your wedding day and reception with your photographer/videographer.
  • Confirm times for all the hair and makeup appointments and with your vendors. You can’t any risk here.
  • Send directions to all the chauffeurs, and the transportations guys you hired. So they can know the exact location to drop your guest. This will eliminate any conflict they have in their mind about your location.
  • It’s time to purchase gifts for your bridesmaid.
  • You can get your hair cut or color if you want to try something new, this will give you enough time to be comfortable with your new hairstyle.
  • The Day before… Chin up, you’re almost there!
  • You need to make sure that all the wedding day stuff is packed and on the go! (This will include important things like your marriage license and rings, make sure to keep them)
  • Recheck arrival times with your vendor; Call the photographer one last time to make sure everything is fine on their end too.
  • Book some treatment for you, such as Spa or how about having a manicure and pedicure, so your nails look polished and sharp.
  • Assign different small tasks to people on your wedding day.
  • Start packing your bags for a honeymoon.

Have a good sleep the night before. Nobody likes to stay dizzy in their busy day, so how can you stay low on such an important day of your life that you were planning for, so take my advice and go to sleep early. That will help your inner beauty rise and shine the next morning.
And TADA, the big day is here!
If you’ve hired a vendor make sure their final payment costing is made, Put the amount in an envelope and hand over the envelope to someone you trust (i.e., relative or close friend), so that they can hand out at the reception.

After the reception is done, you’ll naturally end up having a lot of gifts. Allot someone to pack the gifts and everything else that belongs to you.

Allow yourself enough time to get ready for the day, if you’re calling a makeup artist home than ask them to arrive early and start working with your makeup. If you’ve to head out to some parlor, leave for that a bit early and get your things done, so you get enough to time to make some changes.

Everyone loves to be greeted when they’re at an event, this makes them feel special. How about getting greeted personally by the bride herself, trust me I would feel so special. For this sake, don’t forget to take rounds of the marriage, welcome and greet everyone personally.

When we’re talking about greeting and making others feel special, how can you forget about your spouse? Take time, compliment him on his looks, speak to him nicely and share with him how lucky you consider to be on his side today.

That was all for the wedding, here are some bonus tips for you to take care of after the wedding.
What is more important after every marriage event? Photographs and Videos that were shot during the event. Stay in touch with your Photographer/Videographers to figure out how you exactly want your albums to be designed.

After you come from your honeymoon, write thank you cards and send to everyone who came to your wedding. (Don’t delay this, most people don’t do this because they procrastinate)

Getting duplicates gift is very common because no one knows what other is gifting. If that happens with you and you ended up getting any duplicate gifts try exchanging them with something that you actually need.

You won’t need that bridal dress again until you and your spouse want to the day you guys got married. (HAHA, that’s cute btw.) Well but to wear that visualize dress next time, you need to get your dress cleaned. Ask a reputable company to clean and maintain your wedding dress.
Whoa! That wasn’t so hard after all. Was it?
If you’ll follow the checklist accordingly you’ll end up being ready for your BIG DAY without any stress. Our warm wishes are with you. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness