Easy Peasy Bird Clips

Its been a while since I published my last post! I’ve been busy making and creating which i will update you on very soon. But in the mean time I though I’d share with you these easy peasy Bird clips I made way before Christmas. I used mine to hang my Christmas Cards up with. I Tied garden string around the banister and attached my Christmas Cards using these. Since then I’ve been using them to organise my scrap fabrics and papers together and I’m sure you can find a million other uses for them so they don’t need to go into the loft with all the other Christmas decorations.  They are really simple, so simple in fact  you probably don’t need a tutorial to show you how to make them………but I made one anyway! Hope you like it…..

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3 thoughts on “Easy Peasy Bird Clips

  1. adorable and I love your site! So classy 🙂 I’m not sure where your follow button is on here…I hope I find it. Thanks for stopping by my blog as well 🙂

    1. Ah thank you!! & I’m glad you found my follow button 🙂

  2. found the follow button 🙂 yaaaa!

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