DIY Father’s Day Gifts Ideas to inspire

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DIY Father’s Day Gifts Ideas to inspire

Ask any dad and they will tell you that nothing makes them melt as easily as a homemade Father’s Day gift from the kids. Kids love DIY projects because they are fun and because they make them feel needed in some important way.

Additionally, parents often encourage DIY projects because they foster creativity and allow children to use their hands, which is great for their development. DIY Father’s Day gifts from the kids are also completely unique and provide great memories for both the creators and the recipients. If you are thinking of encouraging your little ones to make their own Father’s Day Gifts this year, here are some great examples to inspire you:

An easy paint job

Drawing, painting and playing with colors are always activities that children are willing to take part in. When it comes to painting a masterpiece for daddy, encourage your kids to be expressive and unique so that they can let their feelings be known the best way possible. Who knows? Through this DIY project, you could untap a hidden talent or two.

Rock paperweights

Rock paperweights is a great DIY project that can be completed by older kids. To make one, have the kids collect smooth marble stones that they can paint on or leave sweet messages for their dad. The best thing about this DIY project is that it is inexpensive as it can be done using rocks from a park or your backyard.

Crayon hearts

If you have several crayon stubs lying around your house, hold on to them instead of throwing them away. Rather, recycle them by melting the chunks into a heart-shaped baking tray and fill them in a cute mason jar. If your kid is old enough to write, have him or her come up with cute little notes that can be stuffed inside the mason jar for daddy to go through whenever he is having a bad day.

A homemade card

Homemade cards are classics. However, if you do not want this homemade Father’s Day card to be stowed somewhere away in a dark drawer, then a little creativity will be required. Because of the intricate design work, you will have to help the younger ones with sharp scissors and so on. But if there are older kids involved in the project, why not leave them in charge to teach them a little responsibility and the importance of teamwork? With homemade cards, you never have to worry about perfection as the mess is what typically has all dads drooling with pride.



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