5 ways to decorate on a budget

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decorate on a budget

Decorate on a budget – 5 Tips on how to make it look elegant

Everybody has ideas about what their dream home should like be from a very young age.
Some people imagine their home to be small and cozy whereas some may dream about having a large modern mansion.
But what actually makes any house a home is customization according to the inhabitant’s desires, style and taste.
Customization includes the cleanliness of your home, the furnishings, and the utilization of space and the color theme of the apartment.
Your home is a space where you get to express all your quirks and creativity freely. But unfortunately when it comes for adding a little decor to your dwelling, it may come at hefty price which may put a damper on your plans and dishearten you.

The good news is that decorating your home shouldn’t be expensive. If you have got a few tricks up your sleeve, which as luck would have it I do for you.
Below are some of the ways you can save a ton of cash all the while not compromising on your creativity and your home décor.

CLEAN UP YOUR SPACE and make it clutter free

Most people have so many things lying around in their home that they are of little or no use to them. It may be something which has sentimental value or something you think you may need one day but for now it’s just taking up space and probably accumulating dust bunnies.

This not only gives off a shabby appearance of your apartment but also reduces the standard of your space. It isn’t necessary to get rid of this stuff. If u don’t want to do that, you can always put in storage. After you do this you’ll definitely feel infinitely better about your now open and uncluttered space

SHAKE Things up

Even a small shift of your furniture or organizing of your things makes an enormous difference. For instance replacing your dining table chairs with kitchen chairs or outdoor chairs will make your home feel airy and relaxed.
Another upside to adding outdoor chairs is that they are nearly indestructible, and can handle wear and tear.
Rearranging the place with lamps or exchanging their shades with each other will also provide a breath of fresh air.
Rotating pillows, rugs and other small pieces of furniture that are easily potable will let you see how doing this will transform your space appreciably.
Styling your bookshelf is also a notable idea as I feel this instantly provides character to your space.
Putting unattractive paperbacks and stowing them away in baskets or boxes also enhances the aesthetic of your bookshelf.
While normally books are stacked vertically, mixing tem up i.e. stacking them both horizontally and vertically and adding lightning to your book shelf in the form of a quaint lamp or twinkle lights is a superb idea to make your bookshelf look beautiful.

Embrace NATURE

Adding fresh flowers to your home make you feel fresh and energized and may also give guests a welcome vibe of your home. This can be done by filling recyclable jar bottles with water and picking your desirable flowers from your backyard and putting them inside. This indeed is a very easy and budget friendly idea.
If you wish to go a little further you can substitute water with damp oasis which can be put in a vase or a small pot.
Flowers can be arranged by cutting a bit of their stems and arranging then in the oasis.
These flowers stay fresh for a relatively long time than the previous method especially if an antiseptic solution is also used when soaking your oasis in water.
Flowers are a brilliant way to add a pop of color in any space especially in neutral color themed rooms or space.
If you wish for a low maintenance way to brighten up your lackluster space, seashells or pebbles can be also be used.
Seashells can be used to cover candle holders by using super glue. The latter may be painted with assorted pastel colors and be filled in a bowl which will give of a peaceful aura around your home. Of course you can always get creative with tons of other ideas.

Visit a garage sale car boot or flea market

Garage sales or flea markets are a good opportunity to get your hands on cheap furniture whilst still being in a good condition.
To make the most of these budget friendly idea you should first get to know sales happening in your area. So that you are able to check them all out and don’t regret later when you get to know of better deals.
If you are lucky you may be able to score a vintage piece without dropping a pretty penny. Mixing vintage furniture with modern makes a beautiful contrasts and your area immediately looks distinctive and adds individuality to your home.

Print out stationary

Cover your usually drab and empty walls with print out art and stationary by Framing them and arranging them neatly on your wall in a geometrical or symmetrical pattern is a great way to go but you could always mix and match according to your space requirements. Captivating wall art and stationary can accentuate your walls and empty spaces. The oh so studio is particularly great for customizable stationary and print. I absolutely love their stationary as they have the most adorable illustrations and what’s special is that they allow customizing your stationary.

Do it yourself

Painting your washed out walls with a bright or pastel colors is a cheap and effective way to illuminate your expanse. Cheap stick on wallpaper can create a wonderfully texture wall. You can dye tour napkins using a tie and dye method to get rid of their lusterless appearance and at the same time getting rid of stains.
Adding lace trims to pillow cases and bed spreads in contrasting color adds a splash of color. Adding lace trims to lamp shades or iron on embroidered patches on lamps will make them look classy and elegant without you pending a dime on expensive embroidered lamps.
Decorating your place doesn’t always have to be expensive, a little creativity and good taste can do wonders, or just follow our recommended tips and feel the difference.




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