Decorating your university room on a budget

It’s that time of year again, the start of the college semester! Moving into your university room can be chore, no matter how excited you are. Packing, deciding what items you need, shopping for those items, unpacking, then stopping by the store again for the items you forgot; it all can be exhausting. It is even harder to make the move when your budget is tight. While we can’t fix a college budget, we can make moving to your university affordable and adorable. Here are ways to decorate your university room on a budget.

Personalized Prints

When stores are filling their shelves with everything from inspirational posters to cheetah print rugs, it can be extremely time-consuming to shop for decorations for your room. To top it off, most university rooms are small and have limited space for decorations. One common university room option is covering your walls with stylish wall art. In this case, measurements have to be taken to know if your chosen décor will fit in your room. The good news is there are less time-consuming options for decorating your walls. Instead of shopping for wall décor, use your favorite photos from the past. Personal prints make your room feel even more like your space. Sites like The Oh So Studio provide an easy way to order prints that personally fit the décor and layout of the room. Ohso also has great ideas to inspire your walls and your next print. You do not need to waste your time choosing the right decorations for your dorm, use Ohso to print the right size and personalized wall art. After all time is money!


This year don’t fall into the advertising trap of buying all new products. Look around at the items you already own and get creative. For example, an old picture frame can become a white board. All you need to do is replace the photo with a colored piece of paper and use a dry erase marker on the glass. If you need shelving, a new desk, or dressers pick up some at a local thrift store, or even better, check the bulk trash for free furnishings. Then all you need to do is sand down the item and give it a touch of fresh paint.

Creatively Cozy

Being a student is not easy. Your university room should be a place to unwind and relax, as well as comfortably get some work done. In both cases, pillows and blankets are a must. Check out the local thrift store for unique blankets and decorative pillows. If you are feeling crafty, pillows and blankets are simple to sew from old fabric or clothes that you already own.

Summon Your Green Thumb

Plants add a natural and earthy feel to your room. There are several types of plants that need no prior gardening experience and are practically impossible to kill. If you go to a local gardening store, smaller plants can be purchased at very low costs. Make sure to buy the plants that grow best in the shade if your room has limited light.


Unfortunately, the florescent lights in a university are not the best for adding a relaxing ambiance to your room. Every dorm room, guys and girls alike can benefit from having a string or two of fairy lights. These lights are inexpensive, especially online, and add a dramatic change to the space. The light can be hung with simple tape or adhesive tape. To use the lights even more, take small clothes pins or paper clips and hang your printed photos from the string of lights.

Sew for Socials

Being able to prop open your university door and chat with people in the halls is a great way to meet new friends. It is also a way to get several compliments on your finely decorated room! Door stops are a must, but if you would rather not buy a new one, you can make one by sewing a mini pillow and filling it with rice. The weight of the rice will hold the door open while adding a nice pop of color to your door.

Love Your Space

It is easy turn that dorm room into your personalized space on a budget with some easy DIY tricks. Before you are done your room will look like it was professionally decorated with a fraction of the cost.

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