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Handmade Tea Cup Candle

tea cup candle kit

I got a tea cup candle making set for my birthday in May and I’ve only just got round to using it.
I’ve wanted to make my own tea cup candle for ages so this kit was great ¬†as I’ve never done it before and I now feel confident in making my own from scratch.
Here are some step by step instructions for you to follow:

(Wax heats very quickly so don’t leave unattended or heat with direct heat!!)

What you will need:
1 x tea cup and saucer.
100% Eco soy wax. (amount depends on size of tea cup, i will be using 120g)
1 x candle wick.
Double boiler – pan and Pyrex jug.
Stainless steel whisk.
2 pencils.

1. Fill the saucepan half way with water and bring to boil.

2. Place the soy wax in to the Pyrex jug and place into the saucepan. Turn the heat down to the lowest heat.

3. Whisk the wax slowly and melt the wax to 49 deg c.tea cup candle
4. Place the base of the candle wick into the melted wax and fix it to the bottom of your tea cup. Wait until the wax sets. ( I placed mine in the fridge for a minute to speed this up!)

tea cup candle

5. Carefully take the pyrex jug out of the saucepan and slowly pour the melted wax into the tea cup.
tea cup candle
6. You can straighten your wick at this point using 2 pencils.
tea cup candle - straighten the wick
7. leave the wax to harden for at least 12 hours before using. You can also cut your wick to the correct length.

8. Your tea cup candle is ready and should look something like this.

tea cup candle