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Button Love Heart Picture


I’ve been busy this weekend getting a few bits and pieces completed. The first is this 2nd love heart picture design. I decided to use buttons as I’d been given some lovely ones with my Mollie Makes magazine.

There wasn’t quite enough for this design so I used some others that I had been saving and recycled from old shirts and cardigans.

For the background I recycled an old column table lampshade that was ready to be thrown out but I really liked the texture and thought it would look great against the buttons.

I used double-sided tape to stick the buttons on to the textured background and used the same heart template that I used for the 3D butterfly heart picture.So now they can sit pretty next to each other…

button love heart picturebutton love heart picturebutton love heart picturebutton love heart picturebutton love heart picturebutton love heart picturebutton love heart picture


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3D Butterfly Heart Picture


3d butterfly love heart picture

After making the Christening Invites last weekend and using 3D butterflies within the design, it inspired me to make this 3D butterfly heart picture.

I made this 3D picture using:

1 8×8″ deep box frame

Approx 60 card butterflies

1x brown card for backing

dye cutting butterflies
I cut the butterflies using my dye cutting machine, you can cut them by hand using a stencil, it just takes a little longer……. it literally takes 2 mins on a cutting machine 🙂

I cut the backing card to fit the box frame and used a stencil to draw a love heart onto the centre of the page.

Using double-sided tape I arranged and fixed the butterflies within the heart stencil, sticking some flat and the rest folded with one wing stuck down to create the 3D effect.

3d butterfly heart picture

3d butterfly heart picture

I’ve got 2 more deep box frames that I will use to create a similar effect but instead of white plain butterflies I will cut them out of old book pages and maps………. I’ll update you with these later!!