Christening Checklist – A Week by Week Plan

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A Simple Christening Checklist broken down into a week by week guide.
Christening checklist - decoration

A Simple Christening Checklist to ensure you have everything ready for you little ones special day.

Are you organizing a christening party for your little one? There’s a lot that goes into planning and throwing a memorable christening party. That’s why it is crucial to have a checklist handy to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

The trick is to plan ahead and work your way down the timeline. The christening checklist below is poised to help you plan a special day that your little angel and guests will enjoy.

6 – 8 Weeks Before

  • Venue and Date: have a sit-down as a family, and choose the perfect venue (most notably a church), time, and date for your little one’s christening. You might also want to keep in mind important guest when deciding on the date.
  • Decide on who should be your child’s guide parents, godparent or special friends. Speak with them before choosing the date.
  • Celebrant: approach your local church’s vicar, priest, pastor, etc. The last thing you want is to book christening when the church isn’t available.
  • Christening Party: if you are going to hold a christening after-party for your child, be sure to find and book the venue as early as 8 months before the big day.
  • Hire caterers and photographers, if your budget allows for them.
Christening checklist - everything you need to remember

4 – 6 Weeks Before

  • Guest List: draft the guest list, design the invitation, and send them out with RSVP info
  • Christening Cake: no christening party is fun without a cake. Order this early to avoid last-minute mishaps.
  • Menu: work with the caterers to come up with a menu that takes care of every guest’s dietary restrictions.
  • Christening Gown: start shopping early to find the picture-perfect outfit for your little one.
Christening checklist

2 – 4 Weeks Before

  • Go through the RSVPs, finalize the guest list, and pass on the final figure to the caterers
  • Check with the vicar, priest or past for final arrangements, as well as retouch base with godparents, photographers, and other party suppliers.
  • Travel Plans: make sure that you know how you will get to the venue, and confirm your itinerary with other stakeholders (celebrant, caterers, etc).
Christening checklist - Baptism

One Week Before

  • Make sure that your outfit is spick and span
  • Ensure that your child’s christening outfit, gown or dress has arrived and that it fits comfortably.
  • See to it that all required paperwork and docs for the christening are in order
  • Have your family camera handy, fully charged, and ready for the big day
  • Pick the christening cake and keep it safe (refrigerated)
  • If you are catering the christening party yourself, make sure that you have all the foods and drinks taken care of.
  • Confirm once again the menu, date, and times with the caterers.
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Lyndsay Ann

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