Paper Clip Bookmark – Free Printable

paperclip bookmarksI discovered these Free Luxury Best of British Papers in my Craft Beautiful magazine a few weeks ago and decided today I would make something with them!

I’m forever using post it notes as bookmarks so I thought I’d create something a bit more fun! I downloaded the free printable and created the bookmarks in Photoshop but they could also be made by simply printing the papers and then cutting and sticking them together??

I cut a slit in the middle of the design and simply pushed a paper clip through.

If anybody fancies making some bookmarks or needs any free papers check out Craft Beautiful’s archive, they have a nice collection.
handmade paperclip bookmarks
handmade paper clip bookmarks

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One thought on “Paper Clip Bookmark – Free Printable

  1. I was thinking Fourth of July theme, then I saw the British flag pattern .. oops! still very cool designs

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