Create Your Wedding Cocktail Menu

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When it comes to your wedding day, don't stop the personalisation with wedding stationary and decorations. Create a unique wedding cocktail that can be served all night.
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Create Your Wedding Cocktail Menu

One of the most significant factors to stay true during your wedding plans is your personality and style. When you add your unique twist to your wedding through the personalization of color themes, music selections and decorations will enable your guests have a real sense of your character and the relationship you have with the love of your life.

You should not stop the personalization there, consider creating unique wedding drinks to be served all night and communicate your special bond with the guests. The following are the fundamentals on how to create a cocktail menu.

The Ingredients Used In Preparing Any Cocktail
The following components make up the foundation of cocktails;

  • Amaro modifiers – Domaine de Canton ginger, St Germain and Cointreau
  • Spirits – Calvados, Brandy, Vodka Tequila, and whiskey.
  • Acids – citric acid, lemon, and lime.
  • Sodas – tonic water, ginger beer, and soda.
  • Lengthener – Madeira, Vermouth, Port, and Sherry.
  • Sweeteners – agave nectar, sugar, and honey.
  • The above ingredients are used in most cocktail.

The Five Traditional Cocktail Families,
These five cocktail families influence the creation of the best cocktails ever. They include Collins, Old Fashioned, Sidecar, Negroni, and Sour. These five brilliant recipes will help you in creating the best ratios’ that you can use in making your wedding drinks.

    • Collins: 1⁄2 oz. Sweetener, 2 oz. Spirit, 1-2 oz. Soda and 1 oz. Acid.
    • Old Fashioned: 1/3 oz. Sweetener, 2 oz. spirit, 4-6 dashes of bitters.
    • Sidecar- 3/4 oz. Acid, 1 1/2 oz. Spirit and 3/4 oz. liqueur modifier.
    • Negroni- 1 oz. Amaro modifier, 3⁄4 oz. Lengthener, 1 oz. Lengthener – or – 1.5 oz. Spirit, 1 oz. Spirit.
    • Sour – 2-4 dashes of bitters egg white, 2 oz. spirit, 1 oz. Sweetener and 1 oz. acid.

Cocktail Menu

Personalise, download and print your own cocktail menu for free



The following tips will help you select the best signature drink for your big day.

Add Your Wedding Colors
The best way to make your wedding drinks colorful is using your wedding colors. For a pure color, use pineapple, cranberry or limeade to match with your colors. If your wedding colors are grey, purple, and teal, you can incorporate with lavender to make it interconnected with your wedding theme.

Consider the Tastes of Your Guests
While this is your special day, your guests may be having different tastes and preferences. Strive to create a cocktail that is great and appealing universally. You can choose spirits such as vodka and some whiskey flavors.

Personalize Your Drink
Even if you have decided to choose a wedding cocktail that is more on the standard side, adding a unique name to the drink makes it yours. To show some creativity, you can add your favorite joke you occasionally share with your partner or a fabulous wedding quote.



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