Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

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Customized DIY Wedding Invitation Trends That Are Sure To Make You Fall in Love All Over Again

Once you’ve got that engagement done and dusted, it’s time to move on to the more important things in life- The Wedding of course! And pulling off your fairytale wedding not only requires a hefty budget and plenty of time, but a checklist of things to do too.

Whether it’s your wedding attire, accessories, décor or venue, the list of things to cover is endless. And if you ask us, it’s the wedding invites that are your first impression to your family and friends regarding how you imagine the biggest day of your life to be. So what does that mean?

Gone are the days when little thought and effort were put into invites. Today, couples are going all out and about towards creating an invitation that surpasses all of the audience’s expectations. After all, most people get married once in their lifetime and nailing this aspect is so essential.

At, the ultimate aim is to revolutionize the way wedding invitations get created in the first place. And by that we mean giving couples plenty of heartwarming and innovative ideas regarding a seamless range of wedding invite template options that users can customize, download and then print for free.

The range of styles and designs to choose from are unlimited. Whether it’s shabby chic with the perfect hint of vintage flair to modern day sexy and sleek, here are our top picks for wedding invitation trends that are sure to make you fall in love all over again. Let’s take a look!

The watercolor effect for days
A subtle softness that can only be created with this effect, watercolor is sublime perfection at its best. And the best thing about it has to revolve around the fact that gives the user plenty of hues to play with, not just that classic neutral palette. We’re talking reds, blues and oranges, merged sensationally with greens, blues and purples for effects that steal your breath away. The softness of the lines, while creating floral or simply borders are a sure shot wedding experiment worth indulging upon wholeheartedly.
Acrylic suave at its best
Acrylic is a fantastic effect that can now be recreated via print at Whether you choose to go the modern way of doing things or prefer sticking to classic designs, there’s surely something in there for everyone to enjoy. The element of uniqueness that acrylic adds works wonders at turning a simple, graceful invite into a stellar conversational piece. We believe in being different while you can and allow guests to cherish the innovative decisions that you make.

Big, bold and beautiful
While many of us simply adore the smaller things in life, can truly alter the way you witness wedding invites with these big, bold and beautiful invitations. Moody romance at its finest can be achieved via big and bold designs that are easy on the eyes. We’re talking things along the lines of dark hued backgrounds, amalgamated sensationally with striking patterns. It’s undoubtedly a daring move but a style or a design that will do more than create the right kind of impression.

Blind letterpresses are a sheer delight
Blind letterpresses with no ink being used are great at working to establish printing effect that’s striking and unique, even when there’s an absence of ink. And that’s exactly what adds that element of innovation that’s rarely found in today’s time. Whether you wish to achieve the dent like appeal with your main card’s text, the initials on your envelope, a graphic design or simply the intricate border throughout the card, the options to choose from are unlimited.

Seamlessly sexy calligraphy
Gone are the days when the perfect calligraphy effect could only be achieved via handwriting. Today, is reigniting the seamlessly sexy calligraphy appeal by making use of none other than print. And that’s the sheer beauty of it all. Today, we give you the opportunity to choose from countless font styles and designs that make them appear as if it was all done by hand. This method is not only faster, saving up time on card printing; it’s also done flawlessly each and every time. Did we mention the immense cut down on costs too?

The minimalistic design approach never seems to get out of style
Clean, chic and a subtle display of modernism, give wedding guests a treat with these oh so stunning DIY wedding invites template designs. We’re talking a crisp white background with clean patterns replicated differently across the board. Great examples include swirls, vine leaves, directional lines and beautiful wreaths that are arranged magnificently. Remember it’s these little touches that can go long ways towards improving the overall effect in aesthetics. And for those that might find this a little boring, you can always spice things up a bit with your own creative flair using our customization offer.

A little grungy metallic never hurt anybody
A raging upcoming trend revolves around going outside the box with your creativity and wedding invites are no exception. Shimmer, sparkle and shine every step of the way with wedding invitation that make use of metallic hues. Gold, copper, silver or bronze, choose your color carefully and allow the magic to take place itself. You’ll be amazed at how dressed up your invite appears with metallic shades. Above all, it’s the ultimate way of indirectly telling guests to appear glamorously fashionable for your event as this wedding is surely going to be a night to remember.

Luscious greenery for days
With botanical greens and organic décor wedding trends on the rise for the years 2018 and 2019 too, it’s no surprise many couples would want to blend their wedding invitations with their theme. How about a hint of geometric floral touches, paired sensationally with luscious greens in the form of leaves of vines? It’s the perfect way to nail that bohemian chic outlook that seems to be a favorite for all across the board. Remember, the graphical boldness seen in the geometric designs can be balanced immaculately with the subtle softness that comes alongside botanical blooms.

A hint of embellishments to make anyone’s day
Going the extra mile is probably the hottest trend of the year and that’s why we at are making sure to incorporate that aspect into our trending wedding invitations template designs. Whether it’s your personal touch, personality trait, the perfect play on texture or simply the adornment of layers in your card, the options to play with are truly countless. It’s up to you when it comes to what you wish to showcase to your guests and what you wish to disguise.

Destination love themed landscape invites are what dreams are made of
The greatest source of inspiration for destination wedding themed invitations has got to be none other than these dreamy landscape templates. They say a picture speaks a thousand words so why not allow guests to cherish your new beginning in ultimate style with wedding invitations for days. Whether you choose to incorporate your favorite city’s skyline or a piece of architectural significance that means most to you as a couple, the choices are unlimited. And if that’s not enough, how about incorporating bespoke landscapes that are a significant part of your wedding venue or play a role in your cultural significance? This all works magically, especially those couples planning their wedding as one in another destination.

Go mad for monograms
Another upcoming trend to look out for this wedding season has got to be that monogram appeal. Statement monograms are raging in full swing and we can totally relate as to why. From the royals to the world of celebrities, monograms are a classic way of adding your personalized touch, while managing to achieve that simplistic and chic outlook every step of the way.

Map your thoughts out
Now that’s what we at call innovation. Wedding invitations shaped out to appear as a map are the perfect way to tell guests that you’re going the extra mile to achieve creativity at its finest. Another great design for destination weddings, the map themed invite can make the most out of your location in full swing. Choose your pick from ones that appear as if they’ve been created by hand or make use of standard survey style map designs. Whatever the choice may be, we’ll ensure you that guests will be swooning over the invite for days.

Reach for the stars with these stunning celestial wedding invites
The sky is truly not the limit for us at and these celestial themed DIY wedding invitations are just the proof of that notion. Created intricately using a cosmic touch, the use of constellations, stars and moons are sheer innovation beyond belief.

The marbled effect is pure love
Customize your marble effect themed DIY wedding invitations in your personal styles with funky fonts, gorgeous patterns or simply leave the marbled effect to create a powerful punch of its own. It’s luxurious, chic and oh so elegant if you ask us at After all, we all deserve a little bit of extravagance in our lives and when it’s coming at a fraction of the real cost, there’s no complaining from anyone’s side.

Select any of these trendy styles and make your own wedding invitations at the Oh So Studio.

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