How to Entertain the Kids at a Wedding

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kids wedding activities

Most families fail to attend weddings because they cannot bring their kids along as well. When the kids are in attendance, parents have the toughest times keeping them entertained. Wedding ceremonies can be difficult for children keeping in mind the festive atmosphere and the long hours. Kids also want to move, shake and be part of the beautiful celebration. At the same time, they are supposed to sit quietly and get occupied for long hours. It is crucial when planning your wedding to come up with brilliant ideas for the kids who will be in attendance. Besides, keeping the kids entertained enables both the parents and guests to have a great time as well. The following are the ways to keep kids entertained during your wedding.

Create a colouring station

Offer Colouring and Writing Tools Kids love to draw and colour right? Set a particular room or station and provide a tabletop entertainment full of cups of crayons and white butcher paper. The kids will be occupied with the fun of drawing and colouring; they will forget that they are at an event. It is the most significant kids wedding activity pack that you cannot miss to provide. You could even buy or make your own cute Wedding Activity book like these one’s by Ginger Ray.

kids wedding activities

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Movie Theatre

Show a Movie Kids tend to concentrate more on a film. They quickly get absorbed into almost any film you show. Playing a video in a different room or outside in the summer can help kids to be occupied and thoroughly entertained for many hours. Besides, you can fill the room with other goodies like comfy chairs, popcorn, tepee tents and drinks. Play their kids’ movie, and your youthful guests will surely be entertained.

kids wedding activities

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Kid Friendly Music

Prepare Kid-Friendly Music Kids should not be left out when it comes to music, because they will also love to dance and move their tiny hips. You should prepare a child-friendly music playlist so that they can dance to Frozen and other disco classics. You could also provide them with blow up guitars and microphones. Wedding Photo Booth Set up an area for a photo booth and include lots of props for them to play dress up. Not only will the kids love to strike a pose I’m sure many of the adults will get involved too.

kids wedding activities

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Photo Booth

Offer Them Cameras Consider offering them disposable cameras to use at the reception and collect them at the end of the ceremony and have them developed. They will love to take photographs of the wedding event. It is considering that a kid’s perspective is the most significant and highly appreciated by everyone. You can use their perception as one of the best ways to put your wedding on record. Garden Games If you’re getting married in the summer you could hire or buy your own outdoor lawn games to keep the little ones entertained.

kids wedding activities

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Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional Most parents prefer to hire the services of a babysitter to keep an eye on the toddlers and infants so that no one gets hurt or place their fingers in the cake. Besides, you can choose to hire entertainments like artists, face painters, magicians, and clowns who are professionals in entertaining the kids.

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