Most Popular First Dance Songs

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Most Popular First Dance Songs

The first dance song you choose is the soundtrack of your wedding’s most romantic moments and also sets the mood for your guests. If you and your partner love modern-day tunes, there are several first dance songs to choose from comfortably.

‘Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran ’s tops the list of the most popular first dance songs used for weddings all over the world.

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“Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has been crowned as the undisputed king of first dance since 2016 to date with this great song. It is filled with romance that we can’t even get enough. Expect the hit to remain at the top of many weddings all over the world.

“God Only Knows “by John Legend and Cynthia Erlvo

Are you looking for a great song sung by two talented artists? Well, this song is perfect for your special day. It has a good cover, and the tune has been a first dance song for an extended period now. This new song first performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards will be among the top first dance this year.

“Love “by Lana Del Ray

Most people are obsessed with Lana Del Ray ’s great and retro sound, and this song is perfect for a first dance song. It’s unique and is ideal for a couple that doesn’t need to play the same-old first dance song.

“All of Me” by John Legend

The song was initially written and dedicated to Chrissy Teigen, legend’s wife, was first played on American mainstream urban radio on August 12th, 2013, as the album’s third single. The tune is an excellent piano-driven song for a first dance.

“I’ll Name the Dogs” By Blake Shelton

Are you a great fan of a country song? You can include the tune by Blake Shelton among your first dance songs for your special day. Its cheeky and beautiful lyrics, its upbeat and ecstatic feel makes it perfect for a laid-back event.

“Make You Feel My Love” – By Adele

The song features the unique soundtrack used in the romantic comedy film “When in Rome” in 2010. Adele’s version expresses her affection for the great tune, and with the piano as her backing, her vocals, and rhythm makes it perfect for a first dance song.

“Greatest Love Story” By Lanco

If you and your partner are childhood sweethearts, then this country song is perfect to become the first dance on your wedding day. The lyrics alone narrate a story and will surely capture the attention and interests of your guests.



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