The Ultimate Wedding Stationary Checklist

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wedding stationary checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Stationary Checklist

Everyone has a thousand different ideas about their wedding day. From the color scheme to the venue and right down to their flavor of the cake everything is very thoughtfully decided.

Unfortunately one thing that does not get much importance and attention to is the wedding stationary. Often neglected make things easier for you so that you know exactly what stationary you will need and stay on track with your budget.

Engagement party invitations

These can be used to this little minute detail sets the whole vibe of your wedding and occasions that follow within it.

Before you start ordering your wedding stationary checkout this wedding stationary checklist that we have put together to announce your engagement or an invite to your engagement party.

If you are hosting a party make sure the invitations reflect the vibe of the party. For example if it’s going to be an extravagant affair it will be best to send out printed invites.

However, if it’s a laid-back get together, then electronically sent invites will be showcasing the vibe of your party.

Invite only those guests that you plan to invite on your wedding.

Rehearsal dinner invitations

Right before the main ceremony a rehearsal dinner is hosted to ensure things run out smoothly on your big day. Your closest family and friends may be invited and it’s a casual affair. They can be printed and can be sent along the wedding card invites selectively to people you want to invite or separately.

Be my bridesmaid card

Getting married is sort of a huge affair because there is so much to do. A bride may find herself at the verge of a breakdown because of all the mayhem that comes along with weddings. So to keep yourself sane you will need your nearest friends and family so that you can get all the assistance and support. Sending the be my bridesmaid card is a beautiful way to ask them to be your bridesmaid on your big day.

Save the date cards

Sending a save the date cards shows guests that they are invited to attend your big day. This is not an official wedding invitation mad gives the names of the bride and groom along with some brief details.

This is particularly useful for those couples who plan to have a destination wedding or have guests coming in from another city or country.

Wedding invitations

This invitation is the most significant part of your wedding stationary. They invite your guests to your big day and contain detailed information about the date, venue and the timings of the ceremony. I personally think that these shouldn’t be sent electronically as paper invites are TIMELESS. Besides, these are the key piece of your wedding stationary so have fun designing them and make them unique and a style statement.

RSVP cards

These are response cards that will let you know about those guests who are attending and those who aren’t.  It may also include a meal choice for your guests to choose.

You can add a stamped envelope with the addresses for your guests to send it to but if you are on a budget you can include an email address so that guests can send responses to you electronically. This is easier for you as well as the guests as this easy is relatively hassle free.

Wedding events and itinerary insert

Guests attending the wedding may be confused if they don’t know the order of the events especially if it’s a long wedding for more than a few days. This particular piece can inform the guests about the additional events you have planned prior and after the main ceremony.
Accommodation cards \ Location cards
This piece of stationary will prove to be helpful for your guests especially if they are out of town as the purpose of these cards are to let the guests get familiar with the local area. For e.g. the nearby restaurants ,hotels and bed and breakfast. The latter is a map and directions to the place where your ceremony will take place.

While you can certainly get these cards printed it may be easier for you to instead send it electronically as it is cheaper ,fast and you don’t need to customize it with the guests name.

Seating plan

This plan is set up at the entry of the venue to let the guests get to know a brief layout of the place along with the table numbers and table arrangement. This should coincide with the place cards so guests are able to find their way trouble free.

Place cards

Place cards are used to inform guests about their seat. These are put individually at every seat. Guests will appreciate it as they will immediately know where to sit.


The menu can inform the guest about the menu choices or special meals for people who may be allergic to certain foods. If you are having a buffet the menu may be displayed over a chalk board like it is done in some restaurants. A menu isn’t necessary when you are serving light bites.

After the wedding checklist

Thank you cards

These cards are sent shortly after your wedding is over to express your gratitude to guests who attended the wedding. They are also sent to your bridesmaid and best man. These notes should be customized with the name of the individual mentioned. Sending these notes hand written is a great gesture to show that you genuinely appreciated their attendance.

Additional stationary (optional)

A dessert menu
Escort cards
Reception cards wedding website cards
Welcome dinner invites
labels for welcome baskets wedding guest book
The latter two are usually done for destination wedding but it is up to the couple if they want it to make a part of their wedding.

The checklist is not a compulsion for you to incorporate into your wedding and their events. You can add or remove things and customize according what you need and want.



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